Wednesday, June 27, 2018

After a really, really, really..

...long time!

I don't know where to begin (again). So will start off with what currently runs in my mind. Know all these Indian authors right and how they write, right?

'...and as I was holding my mother's hand I realised that she has changed. She no longer keeps the door of our flat open when Pinky aunty keeps hers open. Must have changed after Pinky aunty stopped calling her for pujas and started having new new friends..'

"'Ok..' snapped Amma to Raju uncle who owns the local grocery store... uncle also doesn't offer me chocolates these days..''

'"Let me finish this...", Said Mom. Normally she would finish my book and then start reading hers..'

'"Where were you, I was so worried'', Mama asked her beautiful forehead creased with worry.. All my replies of, "Ma, there was a meeting.." wouldn't pacify her.

'''Give these to Kannama Akka..' Amma said one day. " But Amma..." I spluttered, "Those are my pattu pavadai and anna's Lego blocks..'. I had no answer when she asked, ''when did you last use them?"...'

Oh my God... Looks like I am turing into one of those mothers.. and hello this was supposed to be funny. Why does it read otherwise?

May be when T writes her book she'll include all these and more! And V.. he would still be building his blocks!

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