Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Note to..

...all pedestrians, motorists, auto-rickshaw drivers (I have to address them separately), all those who think the whole world is a parking lot and many others.... from a fellow pedestrian, ex (for the time being) motorist and one among the rest.

-Thank you for staring at me , but that does n't mean you can flash lights on a broad day light, indicating me to move to my right when there is hardly any space to stand.
-I've struggled with a heavy bag on one shoulder and a kid on the arm and no auto would stop. Why is it that only when I don't need one all the auto rickshaws slow down and make walking harder?
-Neel Metal Fanalca is doing their bit to the city by stationing their huge garbage bins on the road turnings. But the motorists cast an angry glance at me when they turn sharply at a very high speed. I can only manage to stand a few inches farther from the bin...not any closer.
-Every time I look at the road, I get confused. When did this become a parking lot? One can walk (or try to) on the pavement, but is how is one supposed to drive a car or ride a two-wheeler between a car parked haphazardly and the electric post?
-Dear sirs (assuming sirs, by the bikes parked), I am unable to hold my umbrella straight when your bikes are parked like they were straight out of a modern-art picture frame even as the branch of a tree, lying low sways precariously as I struggle on the so called pavement, trying to avoid being splashed at by a bucket of dirty water from the nearby tea-shop. Not to mention the oncoming traffic to whom people on feet are invisible.
-And lady... I understand you want to take the right- from your car indicator that flashes 'right'. But why do you have to swirl to your left, take a u-turn (almost) on the road that is on your left, indicating right all the time? Wrong.
- To all the others who make life on the roads, a roller-coaster ride/walk/drive for many like me... It is very hard to learn one's lesson in a hospital. Take care and thank you for letting me live long enough to write this.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Selective Hearing

I don't know whether the above is particularly common to men (or men aged 35 and above), but I am experiencing it and have heard people talk  about this.

A few months back I was talking to an elderly relative. Her husband is very particular about money. Sometime earlier he had had a bad cold and his hearing was affected for a few days. One day this aunt had asked him to help her with something and he, naturally, could n't hear. After some time she was talking to someone over the phone about some money matters and after she had put the phone down the uncle wanted to know what the money was spent on!

Yesterday, I was doing some cleaning in one room and H was in the adjacent room. We could hear each other pretty well across the wall and were having occasional conversations.
At some point,
Me: We have to clean the loft. The existing cupboards are full and we have to make room for the new baby's things...
H: (No response)
Me: There is space in the loft for all the unused stuff
H: (No response)
Me: If possible, today....
H (No response yet...)
Me: (Suddenly remembering the first mentioned instant, and without raising my voice) You know what...That Micromax mobile phone...
H: (Suddenly rushes into the room) What what??
Me: (Grinning...)
H: No...I thought you were saying something about the oven...
Me: Hmmm...Kuppura vizhunthaalum....

Thursday, July 15, 2010


The diapers have been stashed away, to be pulled out only on emergencies. The rubber sheet is all set to find its way back into the cupboard. Or so we thought! It looks like they will (of much smaller size though!) have to make an appearance in another four months! Also, all plans of changing the upholstery and re-arranging the house will also have to be put on hold, for another two-three years!

Thank You!!!!!

Phew! This has been in draft for more than a month and was scheduled to be published at least three times and then brought back to 'drafts'. Initially I wanted this to be my 100th post, but that mark was crossed many posts earlier. Then I wanted to post this on completing one year of (active) blogging, but that too did n't happen (the posting bit, the year went past long-back!). But I had to get it out of the system (computer heh heh) and guess this is a milestone worth a mention!

I did n't want to make a big deal about this, but if this blog (after many name changes) is still alive it is because of V. Ever since we announced the news of another baby to him, there has been a lot of changes in his behavior. I guess, the way he handles the situation, not to mention the conversations, is worth recording.

V is happy about the fact that he will be an Anna now and considers himself 'big'! He wants to know if the baby can talk, eat, dance or sing like he does (inside my tummy!). But he is all set to teach the baby to..what the drum!

One day, (for the heck of it) I explained to V that a brother (thambi) would be a (baby) boy and sister (thangai) would be girl. He immediately said, 'ennaku thambi vaenum'. After some time he asked me,

V:  Amma...Naan boya?
Me: Yes
V: N (his best friend at school) girla?
Me: Yes
V: (thinking for a while) Ennaku Thangai vaenum (I want a baby sister)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It began when the watchman addressed V's Thatha as 'Enga Thatha' (in daily parlance -my grandfather, literally it means our grandfather). Since then it has been a battle of words between the two - the three year old who has begun to  speak like an adult and the seventy-five year old who speaks like a child.

So whenever he spots him, V has a few select sentences like, 'Ithu enga amma', (this is my mother), 'Enga appa' (father), enga car, enga paper, enga school bag, enga tri-cycle etc.

This happens outside also. When we are at the supermarket, V tells the sales girl, 'Ithu enga amma, ithu enga biscuit' etc. Attempts to stop him only fuels the fire. So, to save our faces, we give a false glare and a low-pitched  'V.....' when we encounter strangers.

One day at school, I spot V's best friend N with a hand-kerchief neatly pinned on her frock, and tell her mother that it is very difficult to get V dressed like that.

Looks like the brat had listened to this very keenly. That evening, he pulls out large napkin and insists that I pin it on his shirt for him. When I ask why, he says,
"Ennoda N ippadithaan pin pannipa" (My N pins up her hanky like this - Note the disappearance of Enga!!!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sinning against gender stereotypes...

Everyone in the blogging world seems to waging a war against the stereotypes. So much so that not being a stereotype will become one! Poor joke, I know. The point is, Uma, LR and AA have tagged me into confessing my sins against the gender stereotypes.

It was started by IHM and this is the tag line -Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.
Some of the following sins have already found a place in the post on 'Seven things you don't know about me'. Forgive the repetition!

1. I love sports. I don't go screaming after good looking sportsmen. But I watch a county cricket tournamnet with the same interest as a T 20 match. I used to follow the erstwhile WWF very keenly. At college orchestrated a cricket-stadium like ambiance by beating bottles on the desks whenever things went a little too boring.

2. I don't like jewelery of any kind. I hardly think about how valuable they are because they are of no use to me.

3.I don't apply make-up. Don't like the thought of it (except the occasion when everything goes just the way you don't plan it-wedding!). I don't even apply lipstick or kajal.

4. I hate asking someone for directions. I try to find the route on my own.

5. I have been on my own and have traveled alone many times by train, in a general compartment across cities.
6. I don't care about how large or small an object is. I carry them myself. Whether it is lifting heavy boxes or helping someone carry a suitcase, I don't mind.

7. I do not like mush and mushy stories and films. Some friends began to avoid me when I told them I did n't like DDLJ and that it was a waste of time watching such long movies. Have never read M&Bs.

8. I have never expected (and don't expect) my friends (men) to pay the restaurant bill. I share the bill or end up paying myself. So much so that before our wedding, on the only occasion that we went out (H was in another city then), we shared the bill. (The fact that he did n't mind and a few other things easily makes him a sinner himself!)

9. Normally, I end up clicking photographs at friends' get togethers or family functions and don't worry about my not being in them.

10. My favorite color is blue.

11. At any given point of time I don't own more than two or three pairs of footwear of which one is a pair of sports shoes.

12. My first job was in sales and I was the only female field sales executive in the company I worked for. I have the reputation of covering more distance on a scooter than any of my male friends or acquaintances, in a year.

13. Many times, visitors have raised an eyebrow, when the husband helps me in serving dinner. And on most occasions, I don't wait for him and have my meals before he comes home. I guess this sin is better than suffering from acidity.

All said and done I still do the following : Make lists like the one above. Lately I've begun to enjoy cooking. I also enjoy dressing up my child and spend a lot of time and money on his clothes, books and toys! I write down and plan even when nothing happens.

It is heartening to find many 'sinners' around. From my side, these so called sins are not deliberate or an attempt to rebel. It is just who I am and if I try to change I will only end up wasting my time and others'.

Everyone whom I wanted to tag have already been tagged..Nevertheless... Lavanya, Jayashree, Elizabeth, SSStoryteller...go ahead and confess yours!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

He got his drum and ate it too!

So, a drum and a micro-party it was! V got what he wanted, after some arguments, a day long deliberation, and some extra brain-work from us.
We did n't want to celebrate his birthday because H thought it will become a habit I was too scared to even think of the number of people we would have to invite. We did n't want to hold it outside and leave it to some event-managers and the house would n't accommodate 50-60 people. Yes, if V wanted his friends to come, including parents (only moms) the number came to around 15. It was a get- together, and my friends had little children too...another 10-15. In the recent past I had made a few more friends because they had children V's age and some blogger-friends too (Go over here and here for more on the meet!) Our cousins had children too. And then there were people who are older than us, parents, but would feel offended if they were n't invited. 

We threw the list into the bin and decided to hold the gathering (party) only for V's friends from school and reduced the numbers to 15. (friends, their moms and siblings if any). My parents obliged and came home the previous day. The rest we decided, will be called for his 'Upananyanam' or wedding, or another function next year (wait for the next post please!). And why did I have to write all this...Well, I am being practical!

The Party

We wanted to keep it short and simple, 1) because of the restricted space, 2) it would be easy for us to handle children who have visited us before, 3) We can personalize the return gifts and snacks. 

The said 'Drum' cake and sandwiches were ordered at 'Padmashree' foods, Mylapore (really worth a try). When I went there to place the order, two days before the birthday, there were pictures of Disney characters and other popular cartoon characters from kiddie channels, but no drum. Not even a picture of some character playing a drum (I don't know how many do?!) But it was easy to describe it and the lady at the shop made my job easier by drawing it out beautifully. After which she said that normally they would n't bake any cake with a design that they don't have but this was simple. Uma, you were right. Drum IS a reasonable demand.

We purchased return gifts in accordance with the age group invited. The food consisted of cake, sandwiches and some spicy biscuits. That was that. No chips or fries and no one seemed to be bothered about the absence of fried stuff (there is a separate post on birthday parties in the draft, but that will be posted after we attend a party to be held during the weekend). 

V did n't sleep a wink that afternoon. Though he did n't voice it out we knew how excited he was. Thankfully the rain did n't play a spoil sport. The kids came. They were happy, more because they all knew each other. Though there were a few squabbles over toys and caps (we had deliberately left a few old sturdy toys for the kids to play with and locked away the rest!) things went on pretty smoothly.

At the end of it all, V was HAPPY and that was all we wanted!

'The Cake'

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another year older!

V is turning three today. I really can't say who has grown a year older... I guess it's me! We did n't want to have any celebration but bought him some new clothes last week.

After the purchase, H told him, 'These are for your birthday...'
V: Where is cake?
Me and H, taken aback: What?
V: Cake..
We: What cake do you want?
V: 'Drum' cake
We (still unable to believe what we are hearing and to make sure that we don't put any ideas into his head): Will you cut cake in school?
V: No, at home
We: Shall we call Thatha, Paati...
V: No, S, N, S, S, H,P (his friends)
We (to ourselves): Oh my God!!!

This was drafted two days before his birthday. So whether we really had a party or a drum will be posted later...including more drum-rolls!!!