Wednesday, June 27, 2018

After a really, really, really..

...long time!

I don't know where to begin (again). So will start off with what currently runs in my mind. Know all these Indian authors right and how they write, right?

'...and as I was holding my mother's hand I realised that she has changed. She no longer keeps the door of our flat open when Pinky aunty keeps hers open. Must have changed after Pinky aunty stopped calling her for pujas and started having new new friends..'

"'Ok..' snapped Amma to Raju uncle who owns the local grocery store... uncle also doesn't offer me chocolates these days..''

'"Let me finish this...", Said Mom. Normally she would finish my book and then start reading hers..'

'"Where were you, I was so worried'', Mama asked her beautiful forehead creased with worry.. All my replies of, "Ma, there was a meeting.." wouldn't pacify her.

'''Give these to Kannama Akka..' Amma said one day. " But Amma..." I spluttered, "Those are my pattu pavadai and anna's Lego blocks..'. I had no answer when she asked, ''when did you last use them?"...'

Oh my God... Looks like I am turing into one of those mothers.. and hello this was supposed to be funny. Why does it read otherwise?

May be when T writes her book she'll include all these and more! And V.. he would still be building his blocks!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back again?

The only way I can find my way back here is by writing a post on...whatelse,the kids.

A few days back V showed me his English reader and started giggling. I had written his name on that and having mentioned his section correctly, had written the class as UKG instead of class 3. T who was near by was so amused that she welcomed her older brother to her class the following day!

Cut to present...

T and V  are up to something...

T-  V (no anna here:-\ )What are you doing... Why so much confusion?

V - Hey... Do you know the meaning of confusion..

T - Yes. You remember that day when Amma wrote UKG instead of class 3 in your notebook? That is confusion!

Needless to say, the girl hasn't taken after me.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

T talk!

T, our pint sized puppeteer is playing  with a cat and suddenly exclaims,
Amma..this cat is just like talking tom (the App)...!!!
T: See amma, when I say meow..the cat also says meow!
Me :???

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What was I thinking???

T, before she left for school, insisted that I buy her and her brother (something she remembers every single time) icecream, which they can eat after school. I agreed and promptly forgot. And then it started to rain.
T, as is her norm asked about that the moment she stepped into the house after school. I pointed out that it was raining and that I could not go.
She asked an hour later. It was still raining
An hour after that. V was home by then. It was still raining. After six she became restless and brought me my raincoat and asked me to step out.
And I did. With the husband's extra large raincoat dangling beyond my fingers, the uncomfortable hood, with my helmet over it, I jumped on to my scooter and set off...all the while thinking what exactly was I doing..
It was n' t an easy job on the rainiest of days the city has seen recently..
To pile on, I could n't reach the nearest store because the road was flooded. Took a detour to another shop...
Again I giving in a lot?
I enter the shop raincoat et al looking like I 'm about to shop for the entire year, still thinking...
Am I letting the children have their say...
I pick out the choice of ice creams (2 for the kids and 2 for thatha paati who just can't say no to ice cream and 2 for the husband and me...oh c'mon!!!)
Still thinking...did I venture out because I wanted to ride in the rain...
I go to the counter and in front of a surprised attendant, brandish my special cold storage bag.
Still thinking...I'm organized though...
Pay the bill and get out of the shop, get onto the scooter and ride on...
Still thinking... Am I a bad parent??
If not any of the above what was I thinking...who did I think I was...
I was one goddamned fool...that was what I was.

P.S if at all I post the above on face book I must remember to ask people to like or share the above if an only if they were not in my position..I bet the numbers would soar!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

And two years later...

Nothing seems the same...The blogger dashboard for instance..It took me ten full minutes to find the 
compose page.

And by the way..Hello!

That's another thing. I really don't remember when I start and end a conversation. One thing however has n't changed..Blaming it on motherhood, though the 'manasaatchi' marches around me like the one in 'moonru mudichu'. (Another thing that has n't changed is my continuous dependence on Tamil films for examples).
Now both children are in school...wait...
T is two plus and goes to playschool...Yes. Can't really say who's had enough of whom.

It would n't be fair if I don't mention a line or two about my little girl.
For starters...She's the direct opposite of V.
If he liked cheese, she likes chalk (literally!)
Though three years younger she teaches him tricks he did n't know existed (such as cajoling, coercing and bulldozing his parents) 
And....when he sat glued to "thillana moganambal" at the age of two, she sang papapa paen (don't think this requires an explanation) at one.

The last two years have been a roller coaster ride with age making no sense when it came to behavior (of children and adults!) 
Though I do read blogs listed on the side-bar occasionally, the moment I think of leaving a comment, the keyboard gets snatched away (again literally. And to think, the chance of using the phrase 'bloggers block' getting wasted...sigh!)
I did yearn to get back to blogging when, once, I read posts on V because I do feel guilty at not having anything on T recorded, considering that she's the real entertainer of the family. 

I do not know how regular I am going to be or how much I would write on the children. When I did go around blog-hopping I found similar sentiments being expressed (directly or inferred)

However, I will start (or re-start) with what I know best...

As always V does n't say what happens in school. One day his friend's mom and I made a pact. We will each tell our respective child that the other is not telling anything to his/her mom so we would like to know what's happening at school because the other parent wanted to know...

V-without batting and eyelid: Athellam Naanga solla maatomnu decide pannitom (We've decided not tell any such thing)...

Me, my manasaatchi rather: (What else) Ithu unaku thevaiyaa???

Thursday, February 17, 2011

W(h)at(about)er the bottle?

V lost his water bottle. It was one of the most user (child and parent) friendly bottles I've come across and cost only around Rs. 60. All good things have to come to an end and we could n't find that bottle. It was time for a new one. So V and I went bottle-hunting. There was this good (and sturdy and supposedly odourless) 'sports' bottle at a super-market but it cost around Rs. 200 and I chucked the idea.
First stop- We walk into this books and toys store. There are some but I did n't like any. V suddenly yells, 'Amma, I want that one. N (remember his best friend from school?) has the same.
It was one of those narrow necked, ready to spill any time type with an unpleasant plastic smell.
Me-No V not that one
V-No I want that only
Fortunately the only piece available was broken.
Me- This is broken. Not good
V- Not gooda? Ok

We walk into another store. Unfortunately there are three pieces of the dreaded bottle.
V-Ammaaaaa....I want that Mickey Mouse bottle.
Me-Ok. will you use it properly?
V-Yes amma. N drinks from it daily...(Daily is a word he uses to refer to always, regularly etc)

We get back home.
V-Amma, fill the new bottle with water.
Me-Wait V
V-Now only Amma
Me-I have to wash it first
V-Is it dirty?
After 2 minutes
Amma- Have you washed it?
Me-No. I've filled it with warm water. Will wash it later

Two minutes later
Amma, have you washed it?
Me- no, you finish your dinner. I'll wash it with soap and give it to you
Two minutes later,
Me-Wait V

Remember, 'Santhaiku ponnum Aatha vaiyum kaasu kodu', from '16 vayathiniley', where a scheming 'Parattai' (Rajinikanth) delays a flustered 'Chappani'(Kamal) from going to the market and this prompts the latter into getting into a whining mode?
V gets into that mode times. Thankfully there are no 'Parattais' around!
Half an hour later, V finds the bottle on the table pours some water into the tumbler and says,
Amma, the water is cold.
Me-Yes. I've washed it.

He tries to drink the water. It is a difficult chore though. But he asked for it and I leave him at that.
Next morning, V is still asleep and would have to get ready in 10 minutes to reach school on time.
Me-V get up.
V, asleep on his Thatha's shoulder does n't open an eye-lid.
Me-V, wake up.
No response.
Thatha- He probably is too tired.
I  touch him and ask, 'Do you want to go to school today?'
V- shakes his head and mutters, 'No', his eyes still closed
Me-Ok. Don't go. But you will not be able to show your new bottle to N
V opens his eyes in a flash, gets down from Thatha and says, Amma Schooluku poren' (I'll go to school)

P.S 1: V is not comfortable using the bottle
P.S 2: A casual converstation with N's mom revealed that N too was n't able to drink from the bottle but insisted on carrying that because it had a picture of her favorite cartoon character. 
P.S 3: This bottle cost me Rs. 150

Friday, February 4, 2011

What were we upto?

Basically getting used to the new addition- the baby, her new clothes, newer stuff, more new clothes, newer baby antics (here I refer to the older baby) etc etc.

V is vacillating from being a lovable older brother to an uncontrollable brat. Picture this. He refuses to have his bath but would love to give the soap a wash. So when I gleefully put him in his tub (he has one but it is not the baby's-a point that he lays stress on anytime someone asks him) thinking it would be a good pretext for giving him a bath he insists that he get in with his shirt on or bawls when water splashes on his upper body. On other occasions he tells the world that his mother never allows him to have a bath!

What was I up to? Nothing much...well, apart from taking care of the babies that is! But managed to sneak in to the Book fair not once but twice. The first time with V requires a separate post and that will come later.
Found some new (for me that is) baby shops. More on that in another post (Now how many and when..that I can't tell)

This is basically a comeback post, so I'll leave with some V talk-

V is drinking juice and he finishes it in no time.
H-Do you want a re-fill?
V-What is re-fill
H-To fill the cup again
V-Fulla halfa?
V-Then appa, it is Re-full and not re-fill