Friday, September 17, 2010

Chocolatey entertainment

As always this is a late take on something that has been written and raved about a thousand times. Movies are a good way to ward of stress. But as a policy H and I don't watch films in theaters. Actually it's been five years since we visited a cinema, so it is easy to make it into a policy! A couple of weeks back we left V with my parents and went to watch 'Crazy' Mohan's "Chocolate Krishna". Though a social play would have meant a more meaningful time spent, we zeroed in on the familiar brand of comedy the reason for which I will state at the end.

It was the well known 'Crazy' brand of comedy with the occasional display of magic thrown in between being an added attraction. The 'story' was on predictable lines and Mohan also manages to give a message at the end. What we loved about the play was its tight script and the fact that it was over in less than 90 mins without a break. Though with familiar film BGMs added to the play it did look like those famous 'film-trailers' from one's college days, it was a light-hearted time-spent. And wonders, though no one follows rules strictly not a single mobile ring tone was heard inside the hall!

Coming to the reason. It was the beginning of the third trimester and I did n't want to be left squirming with a jumping baby inside in a cinema theater what with all the sound effects and visuals. Also some time in these five years I happened to tell H that a few weeks before I was born my mother watched 'Omen'.Since H thinks the film has had a definite bearing on his wife's behavior he did n't want to take any chances with film choices for his children.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about Omen,does it had any influence on you.I watched kuselan at my second trimester.Does it have any effect on the girl,still am not sure.

Hema said...

AA- Kuselan will not have ANY effect on anyone:))) About Omen...that's what others say. I don't know!


My mind.. ..has a arivu jeevi question.. I'll probably get beaten for this..but what the heck.. here goes..
If a mom vomits / has diarrhea throughout her pregnancy what kind of omen would it be..?
Do i hear ..the tyongoying.. music in the bg? ...thank you!

Vidya said...

LOL on Omen bearing an influence on you!!!:) In your place, I'd have quickly reminded that even without 'Omen', men's behavior is something:)

Uma said...

Omen? Really? LOL! Crazy is really good though... the kid will have a sense of humour or atleast be cheerful :)

Hema said...

LR- I don't know whether there would be an omen. But it is clear indication that certain arivu jeevi husbands are not taking care of their wives...aakaang:)
Vidya-So true
Uma-I hope so

Lavanya Sriram said...

You do have a way with your posts :)
I have been wanting to go to a drama for so long :(
And I watched Shivaji when I was carrying Jillu :) That too in the theater !

Anonymous said...

LOL...the last para was so funny :) Congrats by the way on the good news!