Monday, February 22, 2010

Some people are like this only-2

The 'park-pannata-paravasam types' (The Parking pesters!)

 I am a selfish motorist. Especially when it comes to parking my vehicle. I park in the inner-most parking space, because I want my scooter to be safe -Who cares about others getting more space to park because of my actions...
I use the center stand, even if it requires some extra effort. I don't want my scooter to fall down - Who cares about others getting more space because of this...

On one of these occasions, after having performed my selfish acts I come down from the shopping mall, child holding one hand, big shopping bag holding the other, walk towards the scooter, when a young motorist, tries to park his vehicle just behind mine...

Now, this is one of those selfless fellows who allow other vehicles to run over theirs or do not bother if their bikes fall down. The towing people have a field day thanks to such guys.

Spotting the guy about 10 meters away, I run like a mad horse (pulling the child and bag along) and telling him to -puffing - wait- panting - for me to take my vehicle away. The guy stops, waits as I struggle to remove the scooter from its space, keeping an eye and screeching when the child runs towards the road.

After a minute, I move aside, when the guy simply parks the bike in the space where he originally intended to (behind the parking space I had vacated) and walks off....

The 'edatha kodutha madatha...' types (That - is - not - your - chair-Chandler/That-is-my-seat-Joey types)

At the beach, we finally find a spot where the little archeologist can do his digging with his sophisticated tools and sit down (well almost) when a family of four or five or six with about three or four or five children, (It took me a few seconds to figure out that they were humans, this number confusion must be ignored) puts down a sitting mat, and the children on it, a foot away from us, causing us and the sand to fly. We move a good five meters away and I get a sprain in the neck by constantly turning my head, almost going in circles, to make sure that we don't get hounded again.

The 'at-you-service-or-so-I-think' types

We go to a (newly opened Dosa-Idli)  restaurant, finish our meal, wait for the bill when this guy comes with a plate of 'Paper-Roast' and deposits it on our table.

H: This is not ours
W: But you asked for 'Paper - Roast' saar
H: No..I asked for the Bill

The man, flustered, does the same at about five tables - beyond us - and then comes back to the table next to ours, because it is their 'Paper-Roast'.

The 'auto-gapla -cycle-ottara' types

We wait at a very congested junction with my 'Nermai-erumai-karumai' (Can't translate. It would mean something like I am fair and I expect you to be fair kind of thing) husband stopping the bike exactly 2 cms before the 'Stop' line and leaving about four feet on his left for a two wheeler or even an auto rickshaw to pass through and take the road on the left. The signal goes green and some thing hits V's leg. It is a bike's indicator. The motorist is in such a hurry that he leaves space for the rest of the world and comes crashing onto us...... to take the left. I don't know if he even realized, but the person seated behind him has the courtesy to apologize.


Anonymous said...

Vaazhkaila rommmba baadhichirukka polrukku!


Vitta, kadichiruveenga polirukku..
Adhu enna Auto gapla cycle otradhu..
it should be cycle gap'la auto otradhu..
and since when Erumai became fair? :)

Hilarious one.. keep it coming.

Hema said...

LR: That was deliberate:))