Saturday, August 29, 2009

You are addicted to blogging when...

...You log into your blogger account at least ten times a day pretending to write a post
...Edit posts at least ten times before clicking the publish button
...View your blog at least seven times whether or not you publish anything
...Visit a minimum of ten different blogs a day
...Visit each of those ten blogs twice
...Sneak in to blog whenever there is time, whether it is early in the morning or late in the night, or when the husband is eating
...You pretend to browse but blog all the time
...Claim that you are getting more information out of blogs than news sites
...You think of all that you need to blog so much that you sleep with the same thoughts, dream of them and wake up with the same thoughts. As soon as you get up you log in to check whether you've really created a new post
...You keep thinking of it so much that you log in to see how complete your blog is
...You are disappointed to find only ten posts. The rest are still in the head
...Looking at the number of bloggers already out there, you feel so left out that you are so charged up and spend at least ten hours a day doing nothing but blink at the screen
...You read someone else's blog, read the comments, click on to the commenter's link, read his/her blog, click their commenter's link and go link after link after link that you forget what you were actually reading first
...You want to put down a recipe, but think a cookery blog will be a better idea so create one; then you write a post about your son and want to make a collection of all those posts, so you create a mommy blog, you write a film review, think you are such a big movie buff that you create your own film blog...this goes on and on and you have blogs on sports, career, management, gardening, health and festivals. One fine day you read them all to find that each has only one post and end up collating and get back to square one - your general blog
...Change the template once in two days
...You get so paranoid upon not having written a new post today that you end up writing this.
...You leave some blank space to add if you act crazier in future
P.S: I don't know if there are similar posts on blogging addiction. Even if there are, I have n't read them. This is my own.... Oh yes...but I really want to know what others have written about their addictions...No...there can't be many jobless persons like me...or what if there are...I think I'll browse and is the milk on the'll take another five minutes to boil..
I browse for posts, go mad as usual and after half an hour remember the milk. I kick myself thinking of all the excuses that I could give, visualize the empty almost destroyed vessel, smell for gas leaks and the stench and when I enter the kitchen the milk is not there. When did the husband come in? V is too small to do such things. I look up and down, inside the fridge, on the table and conclude that I did not put the milk on the stove at all. An hour later when I open the microwave oven to re-heat something, I find the milk there...

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