Sunday, October 19, 2014

T talk!

T, our pint sized puppeteer is playing  with a cat and suddenly exclaims,
Amma..this cat is just like talking tom (the App)...!!!
T: See amma, when I say meow..the cat also says meow!
Me :???

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What was I thinking???

T, before she left for school, insisted that I buy her and her brother (something she remembers every single time) icecream, which they can eat after school. I agreed and promptly forgot. And then it started to rain.
T, as is her norm asked about that the moment she stepped into the house after school. I pointed out that it was raining and that I could not go.
She asked an hour later. It was still raining
An hour after that. V was home by then. It was still raining. After six she became restless and brought me my raincoat and asked me to step out.
And I did. With the husband's extra large raincoat dangling beyond my fingers, the uncomfortable hood, with my helmet over it, I jumped on to my scooter and set off...all the while thinking what exactly was I doing..
It was n' t an easy job on the rainiest of days the city has seen recently..
To pile on, I could n't reach the nearest store because the road was flooded. Took a detour to another shop...
Again I giving in a lot?
I enter the shop raincoat et al looking like I 'm about to shop for the entire year, still thinking...
Am I letting the children have their say...
I pick out the choice of ice creams (2 for the kids and 2 for thatha paati who just can't say no to ice cream and 2 for the husband and me...oh c'mon!!!)
Still thinking...did I venture out because I wanted to ride in the rain...
I go to the counter and in front of a surprised attendant, brandish my special cold storage bag.
Still thinking...I'm organized though...
Pay the bill and get out of the shop, get onto the scooter and ride on...
Still thinking... Am I a bad parent??
If not any of the above what was I thinking...who did I think I was...
I was one goddamned fool...that was what I was.

P.S if at all I post the above on face book I must remember to ask people to like or share the above if an only if they were not in my position..I bet the numbers would soar!!!!