Monday, November 15, 2010

It's a girl!!

I had packed the bags for the hospital by October end and had declared (threatened) to the household that the baby will be born before Deepavali (Second time mom's instinct you see). That passed.
Then I announced that the baby is going to be a Deepavali release amidst the chaos and crackers. (Instinct, instinct). That too passed.
When 'the Jal' took the city by storm I was very sure we were going to do an "Anjali film" act and rush in the rain even as storm hissed past us. That stormy night too passed.

Next morning it was sunny and bright. So I declared- "It is definitely going to be next week on the expected due date. Bring out the vacuum cleaner. I have to clean the house". The husband and my father who were detained at home on various occasions the previous weeks were packed off to their respective places of work. (Instincts instincts, very strong instincts)

Two hours later I was driven to the hospital and our baby girl was born!