Monday, July 27, 2009

...and the first Lolli-Pop!

I am not too sure whether it was the rhyme "I took a hop to the shop to buy my favourite lolli-pop" or his father reinforcing the idea just before we left for the zoo. All through the day the little mister went on and on-amma lolllii pop, lollliii-pop. It was used as a mantra to extract good behaviour from him until evening, when he went berserk and demanded that he actually have one! We went out for dinner and told him that he would get the lolli pop on the way home. I really don't know if it is a protocol on a Sunday for children to feast on toffees, but none of the ten shops we stopped by had any (this included super markets, which anyway don't seem to have a fancy to stock lollipops, what they seem to think are ignorable stuff). V chanted throughout out the journey home and his prayers were answered at a medical store. They didn't have the 'conventional pops' though. It was a pop version of the Alpenliebe candy. It was enough to make the little mouth drool. He climbed up the stairs on his own, removed his shoes (or tried to) and waited with longing eyes. When he opened the wrapper, he didn't seem too excited. He probably expected something similar to what he sees in his rhyme book. It however did not deter his enthusiasm to lick his first ever lollipop but certainly seemed to have acted villain to the second, because since this morning he seemed completely oblivious to the existence of the second candy stick... Will have to wait for his memory and taste buds to work again tomorrow.. I expect a battle between lollipop and the quintessential 'mittai' (the perennial candy favorite) tomorrow!

First visit to the zoo....!

Yesterday, we took V to the Guindy National park, his first experience in a zoo! We visited the snake park first, but the kid became restless pretty soon what with the monotony of watching sleeping reptiles behind glass cages and big crocodiles in small ponds! He did recognize crocodiles repeatedly calling out to them- alligata! The children's park was a much better experience as he seemed to prefer birds to animals. Having made us carry him all along, he suddenly got down at the sight of ducks, cranes and flamingoes and went towards the fence crying 'ducku ducku' and a crane look alike (forgot to note what bird it actually was) came towards him. The macho man suddenly turned (back) into the toddler that he is and pulled back the little hand that stretched in! He went berserk at the sight of ducks and began 'gooojey goojey gand-ha'. Any bird with a beak and webbed feet is duck to him and sings "goosey goosey" at them! Children's thoughts are so simple! Anyway...that was was back to 'appa thooki, amma thooki' and we had to carry him till the exit. Am unable to figure out what is with him but can only hope he begins to walk long stretches all over again.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Two years and more to remember!

The little one has started talking quite a bit. It would be a white lie if I say, "I still remember the first time when he cooed"! I remember the coos but not when. I ll probably look into that dairy that I maintained during his first year. To be fair to all moms who try and rack their brains on what thier children did in the first 18 months or two years of birth...1) It is difficult,2) Most infants and bigger babies are the same with the rate of development varying from child to child. So stop getting nervous and pull out those baby books!
Actually I am writing this not to talk about the baby but my growing toddler. I can thank my laziness and inabitlity in maintaining a blog these two years but yesterday I realized (I don t know what triggered it) that this is the right time. This is the time (or even earlier) when the child begins to reflect the behaviour, attitude and habits of the parent. Every baby is different,I agree. But as babies with basic needs, their growth and development are on predictable lines. As they grow, it is their environment, upbringing and genetic traits that differentiate them from the others. So this is a record of not only our son's growthpath, but ours in general.
Anyway...He has begun saying four word sentences now. His favourite however is "appa angae pokathey" (appa don't go there). He simply replaces appa with amma, thatha, paati or even ball, pen, crayon as his needs may be. H tried to teach him "iru" (Wait) instead of the full sentence and managed to get a "idhu". The R sound eludes him! Sometimes he speaks continuosly for three minutes and people look at me me as if to warrant an explanation. Wait people... I have to catch up too!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I calmed down...thanks to the Superstar!

I should have included this in the previous post, but it would have made my anger frivolous! Trying to rest my mind, I surfed through the idiot box when I caught the song "Aasai Nooru vagai" from the film "Adutha varisu"being played. I don't know the original intentions behind the song, but it provides great entertainment even today! Seriously... in recent times when have you watched a hero performing to an 'item' number??? The silly steps, the sillier background, great music, great singing and to top it all the ubiquitous Rajini style, all made one great package! It reminded me of a life which was simple (OK..I had mentioned something similar in the MJ post), movies were simpler and the days when, for entertainmen, people, in general, went to movies, concerts or the never-failing to interest, Marina beach. Anyway...this has been said again and again by many and I don' t want to add to it at the cost of sounding like an old person (I'm right now 'mind blogging' but there will be a post, soon enough, on a particular issue-generation gap!) All I want to say is that I had a good time 'watching' the song after a really long time. I really couldn't help laughing my head off when Rajinikanth walks off after the song, as if it was a duty well completed and begins talking to the villain about his next job. I just kept smiling to myself for a long time, after that! I prefer watching these to stuff that makes one think and get angry about. The former brings peace to the mind!!

I Get Irritated

to no extent when people keep behaving the same way for years and I still have to tolerate that behaviour. I guess I encouraged the indifference by continuously remaining silent in a bid to empathise with and alleviate depressed minds. Now as I grow older and as 'my' family becomes bigger and also my first priority, all I expect is some kind of reciprocation. However, I get annoyed when I still remain the listener, and have to bear the weight of the baggage I ve carried all along. I can put an end to this by cutting off conversations and even contacts, but I am a social animal like every other human being. I need to be friendly enough to term those attidues and behaviour as deficiences of lesser beings and carry on! I need to keep this in mind because, with another phone call or conversation, I ll find myself in the same situation all over again. I m happy I put this down because it is better than writing to, for yourself than trying to explain things to someone.