Thursday, February 21, 2013

And two years later...

Nothing seems the same...The blogger dashboard for instance..It took me ten full minutes to find the 
compose page.

And by the way..Hello!

That's another thing. I really don't remember when I start and end a conversation. One thing however has n't changed..Blaming it on motherhood, though the 'manasaatchi' marches around me like the one in 'moonru mudichu'. (Another thing that has n't changed is my continuous dependence on Tamil films for examples).
Now both children are in school...wait...
T is two plus and goes to playschool...Yes. Can't really say who's had enough of whom.

It would n't be fair if I don't mention a line or two about my little girl.
For starters...She's the direct opposite of V.
If he liked cheese, she likes chalk (literally!)
Though three years younger she teaches him tricks he did n't know existed (such as cajoling, coercing and bulldozing his parents) 
And....when he sat glued to "thillana moganambal" at the age of two, she sang papapa paen (don't think this requires an explanation) at one.

The last two years have been a roller coaster ride with age making no sense when it came to behavior (of children and adults!) 
Though I do read blogs listed on the side-bar occasionally, the moment I think of leaving a comment, the keyboard gets snatched away (again literally. And to think, the chance of using the phrase 'bloggers block' getting wasted...sigh!)
I did yearn to get back to blogging when, once, I read posts on V because I do feel guilty at not having anything on T recorded, considering that she's the real entertainer of the family. 

I do not know how regular I am going to be or how much I would write on the children. When I did go around blog-hopping I found similar sentiments being expressed (directly or inferred)

However, I will start (or re-start) with what I know best...

As always V does n't say what happens in school. One day his friend's mom and I made a pact. We will each tell our respective child that the other is not telling anything to his/her mom so we would like to know what's happening at school because the other parent wanted to know...

V-without batting and eyelid: Athellam Naanga solla maatomnu decide pannitom (We've decided not tell any such thing)...

Me, my manasaatchi rather: (What else) Ithu unaku thevaiyaa???


Jayashree said...

It's so good to see you back, Hema.....nice to read about little T & big bro V. How are the kids doing? Do post whenever you can.

Elizabeth said...

Welcome back...just wanted to let you know that I am still around...and got married and have a baby too :)

Hema said...

Jayashree: Thanks a lot Jayashree dropping by. I know it's long due and ages since I mailed you. Will write soon.

Elizabeth: thanks for the comment and congratulations..I know this too really long due!!