Thursday, February 17, 2011

W(h)at(about)er the bottle?

V lost his water bottle. It was one of the most user (child and parent) friendly bottles I've come across and cost only around Rs. 60. All good things have to come to an end and we could n't find that bottle. It was time for a new one. So V and I went bottle-hunting. There was this good (and sturdy and supposedly odourless) 'sports' bottle at a super-market but it cost around Rs. 200 and I chucked the idea.
First stop- We walk into this books and toys store. There are some but I did n't like any. V suddenly yells, 'Amma, I want that one. N (remember his best friend from school?) has the same.
It was one of those narrow necked, ready to spill any time type with an unpleasant plastic smell.
Me-No V not that one
V-No I want that only
Fortunately the only piece available was broken.
Me- This is broken. Not good
V- Not gooda? Ok

We walk into another store. Unfortunately there are three pieces of the dreaded bottle.
V-Ammaaaaa....I want that Mickey Mouse bottle.
Me-Ok. will you use it properly?
V-Yes amma. N drinks from it daily...(Daily is a word he uses to refer to always, regularly etc)

We get back home.
V-Amma, fill the new bottle with water.
Me-Wait V
V-Now only Amma
Me-I have to wash it first
V-Is it dirty?
After 2 minutes
Amma- Have you washed it?
Me-No. I've filled it with warm water. Will wash it later

Two minutes later
Amma, have you washed it?
Me- no, you finish your dinner. I'll wash it with soap and give it to you
Two minutes later,
Me-Wait V

Remember, 'Santhaiku ponnum Aatha vaiyum kaasu kodu', from '16 vayathiniley', where a scheming 'Parattai' (Rajinikanth) delays a flustered 'Chappani'(Kamal) from going to the market and this prompts the latter into getting into a whining mode?
V gets into that mode times. Thankfully there are no 'Parattais' around!
Half an hour later, V finds the bottle on the table pours some water into the tumbler and says,
Amma, the water is cold.
Me-Yes. I've washed it.

He tries to drink the water. It is a difficult chore though. But he asked for it and I leave him at that.
Next morning, V is still asleep and would have to get ready in 10 minutes to reach school on time.
Me-V get up.
V, asleep on his Thatha's shoulder does n't open an eye-lid.
Me-V, wake up.
No response.
Thatha- He probably is too tired.
I  touch him and ask, 'Do you want to go to school today?'
V- shakes his head and mutters, 'No', his eyes still closed
Me-Ok. Don't go. But you will not be able to show your new bottle to N
V opens his eyes in a flash, gets down from Thatha and says, Amma Schooluku poren' (I'll go to school)

P.S 1: V is not comfortable using the bottle
P.S 2: A casual converstation with N's mom revealed that N too was n't able to drink from the bottle but insisted on carrying that because it had a picture of her favorite cartoon character. 
P.S 3: This bottle cost me Rs. 150


Vidya said...

Lol! This will keep him motivated for some more days:)

Elizabeth said...

My mom used to bribe us with small sweets to go to school...Those memories came back when I read this :)

Uma said...

even I find it difficult to find user friendly bottles - I also mourned the loss on one I had!

...peer pressure starts so early!!

Hema said...

Vidya- It has!!!
Elizabeth-Yes...It's all coming back to me now!
Uma- Looks like we should never let them use the good ones;)