Friday, February 4, 2011

What were we upto?

Basically getting used to the new addition- the baby, her new clothes, newer stuff, more new clothes, newer baby antics (here I refer to the older baby) etc etc.

V is vacillating from being a lovable older brother to an uncontrollable brat. Picture this. He refuses to have his bath but would love to give the soap a wash. So when I gleefully put him in his tub (he has one but it is not the baby's-a point that he lays stress on anytime someone asks him) thinking it would be a good pretext for giving him a bath he insists that he get in with his shirt on or bawls when water splashes on his upper body. On other occasions he tells the world that his mother never allows him to have a bath!

What was I up to? Nothing much...well, apart from taking care of the babies that is! But managed to sneak in to the Book fair not once but twice. The first time with V requires a separate post and that will come later.
Found some new (for me that is) baby shops. More on that in another post (Now how many and when..that I can't tell)

This is basically a comeback post, so I'll leave with some V talk-

V is drinking juice and he finishes it in no time.
H-Do you want a re-fill?
V-What is re-fill
H-To fill the cup again
V-Fulla halfa?
V-Then appa, it is Re-full and not re-fill


bitsofchocolate said...

Re-full - totally logical !

Good to see a new post from you after so long :-)

Jayashree said...

It's amazing how logically a little mind thinks. Can't beat the logic of refull, right???

Vidya said...

Rotl! Learn, learn:)Am off to re-full my cuppa!!

Anonymous said...

Wow,managed for the book fair twice.Congrats on that first.


welcome back! How is the sibling rivalry coming along? started yet?

Hema said...

PV-Thank you m'am!
Jayashree-Can't beat it!
Vidya-Please do!
AA-Thank you!
LR-Right now it is only one sibling against the other:)

Uma said...

the dad just got a V-full!!

how is tara doing?

Hema said...

Uma- :) She's doing good!