Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Month later- Baby T and Big brother V

It's been a more than a month now since Baby T entered our lives and as always it is chaos. The nights and days are blurred and I can hardly read! Wish I were into confinement without being tempted by books, internet and the people who make the already difficult days more difficult that I have no choice but to resort to books and the internet-hope that explains the bad eye-sight.

A big brother emerges

V's behavior has been on predictable lines. He is co-operative when least expected (which is the case most of the times) and at the other times I have two kids crying for shoulder space. The initial week was very tough for him. At every given opportunity he would help me with anything from trying to put my feet on the bed, to handing over the feeding pillow to staying close to T when I was away from the room. But in all of the above I could sense a feeling of insecurity. Now he seems to have accepted the fact that the baby is here to stay and his day begins with a 'good morning' to the baby, checking if her nappy is wet, baby-talking (who?) to her and
most of the time he does what he is best at doing-Talk.

One day he wanted the baby to be placed on his lap. In a few minutes she did 'su-su' on him. Before he could react all of us  cheered him saying that the baby likes him a lot. What could have been a frown turned into a grin and he retorted,
'Naan enna toileta?' (Am I a toilet?)

A few days later the same scene was enacted. This time before he could let me place T on his lap, he stood up, removed his trousers and became 'ready' to hold his sister.

P.S: I am glad I got this out of the system. Almost contemplated to quitting blogging (read posting):)


MindfulMeanderer said...

big hugssssssssss to u n V n baby T. So nice to read a post from you.

Uma said...

"naan enna toilet-a" - LOL!!
Waiting to meet T and catch up with V :)


Hearty to see you back in action. Life is somehow incomplete without a good dose of Vadivelu escapades. Good luck to Baby T and Big Bro V.

bitsofchocolate said...

V's being soooo cute and accepting - he rocks !!

Take rest and chill as much as you can. Blogs can wait ;-)

Vidya said...

Lol! on 'naan enna toilet-a'!! Anna is adorable:) Hugs to the little T. Hope the mommy is back to form:)

Hema said...

Shruti- Thank you:)
Uma- We are waiting to meet Pattu too!
LR-Koodiya seekaram oru Vadivelu post ethirpaarkalam
PV- I am trying...but your quizzes are so tempting:))
Vidya-Thank you. Yet to reach even 10% of 'form' requirements;)

Jayashree said...

Nice comeback post.....LOL @ Naan enna toiletta.

Hema said...

J-Thank you!

Mama - Mia said...

he sounds like a perfect big brother!!! :)

Much love to baby T and the bada bhaiyya!

hugs to mom of 2!