Monday, December 20, 2010

Before anything else...

Some 'V Talk'...

'Enna paati...pazham sudutha'

The above is a very popular conversation (supposed?) between Lord Muruga and Avvaiyar as represented in the films 'Avvaiyar' and Kandan Karunai.
In the guise of a shepherd, sitting on the branch of a Jamun tree (nava pazham), the Lord asks a tired Avvaiyar if she wants hot (sutta) or cold (sudatha) fruit. The poet laughs at the child's ignorance and says she will have cold fruit. When the fruits fall on the ground the poet picks them up and blows away the dust at which Muruga asks if the fruit is hot thus revealing who he is.

Some mornings H has the classic 'pazhayathu' (rice soaked overnight in water) with buttermilk for breakfast. He does a tea vendor act while mixing the rice and buttermilk. V chose that morning to do a Lord Muruga ...
V- Enna appa...Mor sudaratha (Why the butter milk hot?)

V the detective

One day V's best friend N was supposed to visit us. V was exited throughout the day. However, in the evening, N's mother called to say that her older son had made some plans without her knowledge and that they could n't come that evening.
V was extremely disappointed and I had to use the only believable soothing technique and told him that N was sick and had to be taken to the doctor. Nevertheless he kept asking me a hundred times why N did n't come and I repeated the same thing.
The next day, he came back from school and asked me yet again..
V: Amma, Why did n't N come yesterday?
Me: I told you...She was sick
V:  I asked her...She said she had gone to a friend's house ( and walks off without pausing to give me a look)
Me: (Need I even say what my face looked like??)


bitsofchocolate said...

V's observation are getting better and better !! Eagerly waiting for more !

Vidya said...

'Mor sudharda' is ultimate. And remember, poi sonna vai-kku bhojanam....?

Hema said...

PV-His observations ARE getting better but his amma's memory is fading:(