Friday, October 8, 2010

This Boss passes!

I am back! And this time with a post on a film I watched in a theater, in the second weekof its release and not on TV after two years! From the moment I watched the trailers of 'Boss Engira Baskaran' I wanted to watch the film like I have wanted to watch numerous others and somehow it materialized this time.

Why I liked the film?
It was a light entertainer with nothing to enrage the little acrobat inside! There were no tears, fights (the real ones) and no logic. I hav n't seen the earlier film by the same director, 'Siva Manasula Sakthi' but the fact that this was supposedly better than that only made me feel relieved and happy!
And in which Tamil movie these days does one get to watch the hero trying to touch the comedian's feet?
And after a very long time I heard 'real' laughter in the theater.
The climax was so contrived that one had to accept the fact that this film had no choice but to end only in that one way.
It is a little sad that comedy films these days use the spoof weapon pretty often but what the heck...anything laughable is worth watching, though it meant explaining to the husband which scene takes a dig at which movie when he sadly gaped around wondering why everyone was laughing!
Also... surprise surprise...despite the presence of a particular actress in a scene (like the ones that are brought around by the hero's friends to increase business, bring more students to class etc) it did not have the usual crass elements in the name of humor.
And only this film can make a comedian out the the treacherous villain of 'Naan Kadavul'.
Definitely worth a watch especially when someone like me is not in a position to watch 'Enthiran'!

How did it happen?
The last five years have seen H and I stand in the ticket counter and walk out in the last minute but never watch a film. This last one year has seen a lot of plans being made and cancelled in the last minute.
So, I asked him, "Shall we watch Boss Engira Baskaran'?
H: Is it a good movie?
Me: Seems so. It is a light comedy
H: Ok
Me: Shall I book for the next weekend
H: Are you kidding? I'll see if we can get tickets for the evening or tomorrow morning
H: What...the world might come to an end next week...
So, we watched the 8:15 show on a Sunday morning. Looks like the man has taken the 'baby-will-get-influenced-by-what-the-mother-watches' stuff seriously.


Anonymous said...

Heard about this film,should watch atelast in TV.


Jayashree said...

Oh...i loved the movie. Haven't laughed so much during a movie in recent years.

bitsofchocolate said...

Why aren't you watching Enthiran ?

Thanks for the BEB review - hope the DVD comes out soon !

Hema said...

AA-Do watch
Jayashree- Totally agree
PV-Don't think 'We' can withstand the effects:)

Vidya said...

Everyone seems to be talking, walking, breathing, laughing either BEB or Enthiran or both! Its eons since I went to a theatre... Pakkalam... Good you went:)

Hema said...

Vidya-I don't know about Enthiran...May never watch it in a theater. But do watch BEB:)

Kartik Jayaraman said...

Cool, will watch it.

Mama - Mia said...

hey how are you doing?? whats the news? whats the update?! :)

Hema said...

Kartik-Please do ...and do have someone to translate it for you!!!

Mama-Mia-I'm doing great. Looks like I'll give some news soon:)) You take care.