Monday, August 16, 2010

Kid Speak!

The elders learn some lessons

H and V are playing with numbers.
H - This is zero
V - Jeero
H (Don't know what made him ask this) - Zero yaar kandupidicha theriyuma? (Do you know who invented zero?)
V- Yaaru? (Who?)
H - Aryabhatta
H- Let's get into the complexities later
Me- Athu seri
V - Yaaru Batta?
H- Aryabhatta
V (Remains thoughtful for a while)- Appa...8 yaaru kandupidicha?

It is V's uncle's birthday and he wishes him over phone. The phone is in speaker mode.
V - Appy barthaday to youuu
Uncle- Happy Birthday sollariyaa...
V - (Repeats) Appy barthaday to youuu
Uncle - Oh...hahaha
V (flustered) - Thank you sollu (Say thank you)
Uncle- Oh seri seri...Thank you
V- You are welcome

V the cop
V is learning about traffic signals at school and can go on all day with, 'Red says stop. Green says go', etc.
One day we are on our way to drop him at school. There is a major traffic jam on our not-so-main-road. It is very chaotic. Some auto-rickshaw drivers step in to ease the traffic. Thankfully we are on the bike and are able to move around a little. Suddenly a squeaky voice shouts out loud,

'Rad shays shtop, green shays go, yallo shays drive schhloly'
And the same voice asks: Amma why is there no signal here?

Finally a lesson for Thatha
V's Thatha takes him on his scooter on a jolly ride. They are at a signal. The signal is red. Our little traffic policeman begins, 'Rad shays shtop..'. Thatha finds some space and moves a little. The little cop gets angry,
'Thatha...Rad shays shtop...why are you moving???"


utbtkids said...

Who found 8 is priceless :))

Tell him Badshaa discovered 8 (8, 8-a ulaga vazhvai pirichukko....)

PV said...

What cool comebacks ! Esp. the who discovered 8 one !


8 kandupidichadhu....this is a gem!
. btw which area exactly do you live in? Indira Nagar? .

Hema said...

UTBT- Apparam avan 8tu 8ta kelvi keppan!
PV- I know. I forgot to click a snap of the husband's expression!
LR-:) Not Indira Nagar!!

Vidya said...

LOL! 8 and expecting 'thank you' is cool!!:) With kids, you never know when you are laying out a trap for yourself!

Anonymous said...

why 8 specially?
may be bcoz it looks like 2 zeros?


Hema said...

Vidya- The husband is the one to get entrapped most of the times!
AA- Possibly...good one!

DE-C-IDE Solutions said...

Hi Hema...
I bumped into ur blog cos I was searching for the origins of "appy barthaday". It's my friend's bday and someone had greeted him so.
V seems to possess such a wonderful sense of humor. :)
who came up with 8 is hilarious! I am gonna publicize that, with ur permission. I'm still 'lol'ing!

Uma said...

Who found 8 - LOL! Is the dad still googling?
Tell him it is someone at the RTO office ...

I've sent you a mail..

Hema said...

Uma- Lol at the RTO office thing! Did n't receive your mail:(

Mama - Mia said...

what fun is V talk! :)

we want more! :)

Hema said...