Thursday, July 15, 2010


The diapers have been stashed away, to be pulled out only on emergencies. The rubber sheet is all set to find its way back into the cupboard. Or so we thought! It looks like they will (of much smaller size though!) have to make an appearance in another four months! Also, all plans of changing the upholstery and re-arranging the house will also have to be put on hold, for another two-three years!

Thank You!!!!!

Phew! This has been in draft for more than a month and was scheduled to be published at least three times and then brought back to 'drafts'. Initially I wanted this to be my 100th post, but that mark was crossed many posts earlier. Then I wanted to post this on completing one year of (active) blogging, but that too did n't happen (the posting bit, the year went past long-back!). But I had to get it out of the system (computer heh heh) and guess this is a milestone worth a mention!

I did n't want to make a big deal about this, but if this blog (after many name changes) is still alive it is because of V. Ever since we announced the news of another baby to him, there has been a lot of changes in his behavior. I guess, the way he handles the situation, not to mention the conversations, is worth recording.

V is happy about the fact that he will be an Anna now and considers himself 'big'! He wants to know if the baby can talk, eat, dance or sing like he does (inside my tummy!). But he is all set to teach the baby to..what the drum!

One day, (for the heck of it) I explained to V that a brother (thambi) would be a (baby) boy and sister (thangai) would be girl. He immediately said, 'ennaku thambi vaenum'. After some time he asked me,

V:  Amma...Naan boya?
Me: Yes
V: N (his best friend at school) girla?
Me: Yes
V: (thinking for a while) Ennaku Thangai vaenum (I want a baby sister)



God bless and good luck. May your wishes come true.

utbtkids said...


Lavanya Sriram said...

Congrats, Take care and All the Best :)

Hema said...

LR- Thank you!I hope so too:)
UTBT- Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats dear...Take care...
God Bless you all :)

MindfulMeanderer said...

Ohhhhhhhh thats great news :) congratulations. :)

Anonymous said...

My wishes to all of you.
Let V get what he wants.

Timepass said...

Congrats.. nice way of disclosing the baby's arrival..good luck

Varsha aka Rain said...


Shankari said...

Congratulations! Take care and keep the posts coming as and when possible..

vai said...


ssstoryteller said...

time for change, time for reorganising
all the best!

Hema said...

Elizabeth- Thank you!
Shruti- Now you know why don't actively participate in you artsy challenges;)
AA- Thanks and I hope so too!
Timepass- Thanks for both:)
Varsha-Thank You!
Shankari- I will definitely try and Thanks!
Vai-Thank you!
SSStoryteeler-Thank you for the 'timely' wish!

Jayashree said...

Hope he has lots of fun as an anna....take care.

Vidya said...

Congratulations! Take care! Had done a post a few months back on a conversation I had with my elder one before the junior arrived.

Mama - Mia said...

Congrats dude!!! :)

so you due sometime in Nov too?

hugs! stay happy n healthy!

Santhiya said...

My hearty Congrajulations and Good Luck! Do take good care of yourself.

Hema said...

Jayashree- Thanks, I am sure he will!
Vidya-Thanks! Am hopping on to read that post.
Mama-Mia-Thanks and yes same time!!
Santhiya-Thank you!