Friday, July 9, 2010

Sinning against gender stereotypes...

Everyone in the blogging world seems to waging a war against the stereotypes. So much so that not being a stereotype will become one! Poor joke, I know. The point is, Uma, LR and AA have tagged me into confessing my sins against the gender stereotypes.

It was started by IHM and this is the tag line -Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.
Some of the following sins have already found a place in the post on 'Seven things you don't know about me'. Forgive the repetition!

1. I love sports. I don't go screaming after good looking sportsmen. But I watch a county cricket tournamnet with the same interest as a T 20 match. I used to follow the erstwhile WWF very keenly. At college orchestrated a cricket-stadium like ambiance by beating bottles on the desks whenever things went a little too boring.

2. I don't like jewelery of any kind. I hardly think about how valuable they are because they are of no use to me.

3.I don't apply make-up. Don't like the thought of it (except the occasion when everything goes just the way you don't plan it-wedding!). I don't even apply lipstick or kajal.

4. I hate asking someone for directions. I try to find the route on my own.

5. I have been on my own and have traveled alone many times by train, in a general compartment across cities.
6. I don't care about how large or small an object is. I carry them myself. Whether it is lifting heavy boxes or helping someone carry a suitcase, I don't mind.

7. I do not like mush and mushy stories and films. Some friends began to avoid me when I told them I did n't like DDLJ and that it was a waste of time watching such long movies. Have never read M&Bs.

8. I have never expected (and don't expect) my friends (men) to pay the restaurant bill. I share the bill or end up paying myself. So much so that before our wedding, on the only occasion that we went out (H was in another city then), we shared the bill. (The fact that he did n't mind and a few other things easily makes him a sinner himself!)

9. Normally, I end up clicking photographs at friends' get togethers or family functions and don't worry about my not being in them.

10. My favorite color is blue.

11. At any given point of time I don't own more than two or three pairs of footwear of which one is a pair of sports shoes.

12. My first job was in sales and I was the only female field sales executive in the company I worked for. I have the reputation of covering more distance on a scooter than any of my male friends or acquaintances, in a year.

13. Many times, visitors have raised an eyebrow, when the husband helps me in serving dinner. And on most occasions, I don't wait for him and have my meals before he comes home. I guess this sin is better than suffering from acidity.

All said and done I still do the following : Make lists like the one above. Lately I've begun to enjoy cooking. I also enjoy dressing up my child and spend a lot of time and money on his clothes, books and toys! I write down and plan even when nothing happens.

It is heartening to find many 'sinners' around. From my side, these so called sins are not deliberate or an attempt to rebel. It is just who I am and if I try to change I will only end up wasting my time and others'.

Everyone whom I wanted to tag have already been tagged..Nevertheless... Lavanya, Jayashree, Elizabeth, SSStoryteller...go ahead and confess yours!


ambulisamma said...

A big list of sins indeed!


Brilliant! Ennadhu? DDLJ Pudikaaadha.... tingu tingu .. (DDLJ theme) meesic kaettaee.. pullainga thoongi valarra indha naatula.. ippadi oru aniyaama.. kaekka aaale illayaa?? Soona paana.. nee yengayya..?

Elizabeth said...

Awesome list !!!
I wish I had the time & energy to write out the list... will do it as soon as I get some breathing space...

Thanks dear for tagging me and giving me an award...yet to display...

Uma said...

The list goes beyond 10 - clap clap clap!
We resonate on quite a few eh!

Hema said...

AA- You bet! There's more actually!
LR- When you can cry after watching a movie I can as well hate one!
Elizabeth- Take it up whenever you can!
Uma-There are more;) Yes, I noticed that too!

Indian Home Maker said...

"From my side, these so called sins are not deliberate or an attempt to rebel. It is just who I am and if I try to change I will only end up wasting my time and others'."

Just being ourselves makes us rebels of sort - because 'stereotypes' mean we can't be ourselves, we must fit into some molds :( ...without even realizing, many of us try to do what is expected of us, like buying cars as gifts for a boy baby and dolls for any girl baby :(

You 'don't go screaming after good looking sportsmen' Ha ha :) ...that's so unwomanly ;) Makes you a sister in sin too :)

You are invited to join SAGS on facebook,

Hema said...

IHM-:)I've joined the group!