Thursday, July 8, 2010

He got his drum and ate it too!

So, a drum and a micro-party it was! V got what he wanted, after some arguments, a day long deliberation, and some extra brain-work from us.
We did n't want to celebrate his birthday because H thought it will become a habit I was too scared to even think of the number of people we would have to invite. We did n't want to hold it outside and leave it to some event-managers and the house would n't accommodate 50-60 people. Yes, if V wanted his friends to come, including parents (only moms) the number came to around 15. It was a get- together, and my friends had little children too...another 10-15. In the recent past I had made a few more friends because they had children V's age and some blogger-friends too (Go over here and here for more on the meet!) Our cousins had children too. And then there were people who are older than us, parents, but would feel offended if they were n't invited. 

We threw the list into the bin and decided to hold the gathering (party) only for V's friends from school and reduced the numbers to 15. (friends, their moms and siblings if any). My parents obliged and came home the previous day. The rest we decided, will be called for his 'Upananyanam' or wedding, or another function next year (wait for the next post please!). And why did I have to write all this...Well, I am being practical!

The Party

We wanted to keep it short and simple, 1) because of the restricted space, 2) it would be easy for us to handle children who have visited us before, 3) We can personalize the return gifts and snacks. 

The said 'Drum' cake and sandwiches were ordered at 'Padmashree' foods, Mylapore (really worth a try). When I went there to place the order, two days before the birthday, there were pictures of Disney characters and other popular cartoon characters from kiddie channels, but no drum. Not even a picture of some character playing a drum (I don't know how many do?!) But it was easy to describe it and the lady at the shop made my job easier by drawing it out beautifully. After which she said that normally they would n't bake any cake with a design that they don't have but this was simple. Uma, you were right. Drum IS a reasonable demand.

We purchased return gifts in accordance with the age group invited. The food consisted of cake, sandwiches and some spicy biscuits. That was that. No chips or fries and no one seemed to be bothered about the absence of fried stuff (there is a separate post on birthday parties in the draft, but that will be posted after we attend a party to be held during the weekend). 

V did n't sleep a wink that afternoon. Though he did n't voice it out we knew how excited he was. Thankfully the rain did n't play a spoil sport. The kids came. They were happy, more because they all knew each other. Though there were a few squabbles over toys and caps (we had deliberately left a few old sturdy toys for the kids to play with and locked away the rest!) things went on pretty smoothly.

At the end of it all, V was HAPPY and that was all we wanted!

'The Cake'


Jayashree said...

Am so glad he had lots of fun, Hema. I totally understand the thoughts that must have gone through your mind. We had one large party for LG when she turned three....with everybody invited....and then, when she turned four, it was just me,hubby,an uncle, aunt and a friend of LG's.

ambulisamma said...

A real good party with close circle,no wonder he is happy.

MindfulMeanderer said...

Happy birthday V. Lovely cake :)

Hema said...

Jayashree-Yes, he had a lot of fun
AA- :)
Shruti-Thank you!

Mama - Mia said...

happy happy to V! :)

and celebs sound fab! we are doing a biggish party forCub for the first time because this will be his last as only child and he understands the whole birthday thing now!