Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tamil rhymes and songs from childhood..

After shamelessly missing out on their third Blogathan, I am all set for Tulika's Blogathan-4 Rhymes, chants and playground songs, simply because this gives a chance to recall songs from my childhood, some of which I am passing on to V.There are many many rhymes and songs in Tamil. To add to these, each family has its own version.

My most favorite 'playground' song, is like a never-ending set of questions and answers. There are many versions. But this was the version I came across first and began 'singing' to V, ever since he was a fourth-month old fetus! We used to sing this instead of 'Inky Pinky Ponky' while choosing players in a game.

Enna biscuit? Jam biscuit
Enna Jam? Co-Jam
Enna Co?Tea-Co
Enna Tea? Roti
Enna Roti? Bun-Roti
Enna Bun? Ribbon
Enna Ribbon? Pachhai Ribbon
Enna Pachhai? Ma pachhai
Enna ma? Amma
Enna Amma? Teacher Amma
Enna teacher? Kanakku Teacher
Enna kannaku? Veetu Kannaku
Enna veedu? Madi Veedu
Enna maadi? Motta Madi
Enna mottai? Thirupathi mottai

Translation: Enna-What, Roti-Bread/ Bun, Pachai-Green, Amma-Mother, Kanaku teacher-Maths teacher, Veedu-home- Mottai Madi-Terrace


The following are from my husband's childhood days, passed on to V

Rail Paatu (The Train Song)
Ammukinan Pointai
Saathinan Gateai
Vandi vanthu Nikuthu
Seekaramai Earungal
Koduthan Guard beerendru visilai
Gup-gup Gup-gup Gup-gup.....

The song refers to the duties of the station master wherein he closes the gate and gives the signal for the guard to start the engine.

(He) presses the switch,
Closes the gates
The train has come
Get in quickly
The guard blows the whistle
Gup gup.....

The following is another favorite, the origin and motive of which I am not aware!

Ka-ka kala kala vande
Eppadi appam suduve?
Potta Nella gummi,
Gummuku Gummukunu kuthi
Sarkara vellatha potu
Athu mela ozhakennai Vaarthu
Suttu suttu koduthaka
Amma puttu puttu thimbalaam

Translation: Refers to the process of making the sweet-dish-Appam.  

Another 'Ka-ka' Song:
Kaka Kaka Kannuku Mai kondu vaa
Kuruvi kuruvi kondaiku poo kondu vaa
Kokey Kokey Kuzhandaiku paal konduva
Kiliye kiliye kinnathil pazham kondu vaa

(Hey) crow, bring some Kajal for the eyes
Sparrow, bring some flowers,
Crane, bring some milk for the child
Parrot, bring some fruits in a bowl

Kai veesamma Kai veesu
Kai veesamma kai veesu,
Kadaiku pogalam kai veesu

Mittai Vaangalam Kai veesu
Methuvai Thingalam Kai veesu

Sokkai vaangalam kai veesu
Sogusai podalam kai veesu

Koviluku Pogalam KAi veesu
Kumbittu varalam Kai veesu

Thera Paarkalam Kai veesu
Thirumbi varalam kai veesu

Translation: A song typically sung when a baby begins to move its arms. Kai veesu means to swing one's hands (arms). 
Swing your arms - Swing your arms
Let's go to a shop - Swing your arms
Let''s buy sweets and eat them slowly - Swing your arms
Let's buy dresses and dress grandly - Swing your arms
Let's go the temple and pray- Swing your arms
Let's see the Temple car and return -Swing your arms

And probably the most popular of them all...!

Nila Nila Odi Vaa
Nila Nila Odi vaa
Nillamal odi vaa
Malai meethu eari vaa
Maligai poo kondu vaa,
Nadu veetu la vai,
Nalla thuthi sei
Vatta vatta Nilave
Vaanil pogum nilave
Pattam pole paranthu vaa
Bambaramai sutri vaa

Translation:A song about the moon. Here, a child asks the moon to bring flowers, and fly like a kite and spin like a top.


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Uma said...

Hey nice collection...I was getting stuck with biscuit biscuit the other day...thanks :)

Sangi said...

A short form of the first song...Enna Tea? Pondati! :-D

Enjoyed reading the rhymes.


Anonymous said...

AMma inge vaa vaa
Aasai mutham thaa thaa
ilaiyil soru pottu
Eeyai thoora ottu
unnai pondra nallaar
ooril yaavar ullaar
ennaal unakku thollai
edhum ingu illai
otrumaiyae balamaam
odhuvadhae nalamaam
avvai sonna mozhiyaam
adhuvae enakku vazhiyaam. Remember this so well!!! --V

Lavanya Sriram said...

branching off from roti
Yenna roti ? Suvar-oti
Yenna Suvar ? Madhil Suvar
Yenna Madhil ? Kottai Madhil
Yenna Kottai ? Nawab Kottai
yenna Nawab ? Arcot Nawab
Yenna Arcot ? Vada Arcot
Yenna Vadai ? masal Vadai
Yenna masal ? Poori masal
Yenna Poori ? bhel poori
Yenna Bhel ? Ambhel

Hema said...

LR and V- I've deliberately left out a few because they are all very well known. Guess I'll include all those ...for memories sake!
LR: Enna Vadivelu bug contagiousa irukka?! Deleted as asked:)
Uma and Sangi- biscuit biscuit... is a great stress buster:D

Hema said...

Lavanya- Good one that:)