Friday, June 11, 2010

More Tamil Rhymes...

How did I ever forget these?! Some songs for 'play-time'.

Thenna Marathula Earathey...
This is sung when a baby has learnt to stand on his/her own and can balance himself/herself on someone else's feet. The adult sits on a chair, holds the hand of the child while he/she stands on the adult's feet and the latter lifts his legs up and down. This is very a popular 'game' and almost every child loves it.

Thenna Marathula Earathey...
Thengaiyai parikaathey
Mamaruthula Earathey..
Maangayai Parikathey
Aathula vizhariya
Sethula Vizhariya
Illa Ammaiyar paati kulathula vizhariya?

Don't climb the coconut tree, don't pluck coconuts, Don't climb a Mango tree and pluck mangoes. Will you fall into the river, gutter or Ammaiyar paati's pond?
This Ammaiyar Paati character is central in many songs and stories.

In one story, about an impatient sparrow, a hungry sparrow asks Mrs. Ammaiyar to make him some 'Payasam' (Kheer). She asks him to bring ingredients like milk, cashew, dry-grapes and ghee. He flies of to get each with his tiny beak and eagerly watches as the Paati begins cooking. Once the sparrow finds that the Payasam is made, he tries to gulp it down without thinking and burns his tongue (?). The 'Paati' asks him to 'cool' the Payasam to normal temperature by placing it in a bowl of water. The sparrow leaves the vessel in a pond, thinking that the large sheet of water would cool his payasam quickly. On the contrary, the vessel topples and the pond becomes a 'payasam-pond'. The poor sparrow then goes on to drink all the water in the pond and bloats like a balloon. The Paati asks him to stuff his mouth with hay. After some time a hungry cow comes near the pond. On spotting a bunch of hay, she begins to eat it. Soon all the payasam-water spills out of the sparrow and the village is flooded. While ending the story, even as a delighted child watches eagerly, one sings

"Aadu maadu kolam kulam
Ammaiyar Paati kolam kulam"

(Kulam-pond, Aadu, Maadu-cattle.)

When a baby is able to play with his/her fist, he/she is encouraged to thump the fist on the palm of the adult, who sings,

Amma Kuthu
Gumma Kuthu
Paati kuthu
Peran kuthu
Pillayar kuthu
Pidichiko kuthu...

When the adult says pidichiko he/she tries to grab the child's fist who should learn to pull it away.
Translation: Kuthu-punch. Paati-Grandmother, Peran-Grandson. Pillayar-Lord Ganesha


Lavanya Sriram said...

Oh yeah ! I forgot these as well ! :)

ambulisamma said...

Superb!!!I want to do one do.

Hema said...

Lavanya- sometimes, what one is so familiar with slips one's mind:)
AA- Please do!

Uma said...

hey...nostalgia is what I feel... Amma kuthu is something that I play with pattu..
Adu madu kulam kulam is one of my fav stories from childhood and I remember my paati...