Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kid Speak!

One morning, V woke up early and as is the norm dragged himself into the living room, sat on the couch and started blinking. When this is the case, either H or I try to 'wake him up' by gently pulling his ears and he loves that. On that fateful morning it was my turn and it turned out that he had a pain in his right ear and he yelled.

That evening, suspecting an ear infection we took him to the Doctor. H told V (because he was talking too much!) that he had to explain to the doctor what his problem was and both Amma and Appa will stay quiet. the doctor, like on all occasions asked,

Doctor: Enna aachu? (what happened)
V: Kaathu Valikuthu (Ear is paining)
Doctor: Why?
V: Amma Kaatha pidichu izhuthuta (amma pulled my ears) 

When a child says this, the doctor naturally had to say this,
Yaen, neenga veshamam pannengala (Why, were you naughty)

Now my ears turned red!


Lavanya Sriram said...

truth out of the kid's mouth :)

hahaha.. LOL :) i can imagine the embarassment :)

ambulisamma said...

Maanatha vangified is it not?

Anonymous said...

A good laugh! btw, guess you've moved on from "eons" to 'single-quoting' these days!!! - V

Vidya said...

Landed here from Lavanya's! A nice space. And what a post!:) Hope V is feeling better!

Hema said...

Vidya: Welcome here!

Uma said...


Have tagged you...a sinful tag ;) ensoi...

Jayashree said...

Ha....ha.....Hope he is better now.