Friday, May 28, 2010

A visit and a birthday party!

The Gift...

I had to buy gifts for three kids. One whose family H would be visiting during his out-of-station trip, another who is going abroad and another who had had his birthday (party) coming up. I had decided what the gifts will be, as it was a while since we bought V any books and I had read this and wanted  so badly to buy a copy. Moreover, V wanted to gift 'Snoring Shanmugam' to all his three friends.

I think the above explains my visit to Tulika's office, V in tow. I was n't sure how V would behave because it was an office (in this case more like a house) and not a shop. As always he surprised me by staying quiet and happy to find some of his favorite books stacked and managed to get himself a biscuit from the staff!

Since I had browsed their online catalog and had an idea of what to buy, our work was done in about twenty minutes. The birthday boy and the 'out-of-chennai' kid received two books each from the 'Baby Bahadur' series. Greedily we kept 'The silly story of Bondapalli" to ourselves (Ok...myself...bah). I'll post our 'reactions' on this after the 29th of May!

I was keeping my friends crossed, because I had talked to the moms of the three kids and realized that they hav n't even heard about the books. This is something I am always wary about. Books are one's personal choice. This wariness increases if it is a gift to an adult. Anyway...I waited.

The verdict: All the three kids and moms loved them.

And the party...

The Birthday boy's party was held at one of Chennai's most child-friendly play centers. V was the only 'friend' who attended as the other kids had gone on a vacation. The two kids had a wonderful time. The birthday boy S was sweating profusely but still wanted to play. He cut the cake, and refused to eat the snacks. His mother complained that he had n't eaten the whole of that day because he had been waiting for the party. For a week, he had been asking his parents about the party and gifts.

An observation: I feel it is best to leave the kids alone if they don't want to eat. It is their day and one should let them enjoy. In this case the boy turned three and had just realized what this is all about.

We are planning a 'no-celebration-low-key-party' (read no party!) for V and hope he has n't 'learnt' anything from the above!


Mama - Mia said...


am glad the books were well liked! yes, books is always such a personal choice, but i think its always a great idea to gift them anywayz. for one chances of repetition of gift are few and we might just spark a love for books in another kid!

for that matter any gift could flop, innit?

V sounds like such an accha baccha! hugs to him!


Uma said...

I also dropped by the Tulika office and picked up quite a few... some for a friend (your namesake :)) all the way in australia...

Am glad they like the books...

MindfulMeanderer said...

books can get a lil tricky. I worry so much before i buy books for the artsy-craftsy winners too.
Huggs to V.