Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our first 'craft'!

This month I was sure we would participate in Shruti's Artsy-Craftsy challenge, primarily because there were different kinds of thermocol packing, styrofoam packing material and plates at home albeit in the loft. I even convinced H to part with the packing material of his precious sub-woofer and synthesizer. I had ambitious plans of making a cycle with the help of little V. But various things/factors have brought us to the last day of the challenge.

On this day, all I could find within reach were a couple of thermocol plates. V and I had nothing to do and and as soon as I told him that we would cut the plates he said 'Amma Bag pannu' (amma make a bag). I told him that we would indeed make a 'bag' and paint on it. The word paint got him going and even as I was cutting the plate (thanks for the idea Shankari), he was busy with his painting kit and was trying to make something on his own on a sheet of paper. Relieved at the break, I continued cutting and mentally made a note of the things required: Plates, paint and fevicol.

This artistically challenged amma found some old paint (mine, I dare not touch the little one's!). Alas, I just had half a tube of Fevicol (from a 10 mg tube). Well, we began so we must continue. Then, the brown paint (V's choice of color) went missing. Tried managing that too by mixing red and green and with V's help painted the plates. Suddenly he wanted the brush that I had and changed his mind five seconds later.

So why have I spent such a long time in writing this post instead of just clicking a picture of the 'bag' and sending it across.

Well...I am waiting for the paint to dry, so that I can stick the plates together!

Now that the paint is dry here is our very first entry to the Artsy-Craftsy challenge.

Thermocol Hand-Bag

I cut the plates into almost three-fourth's size and used the remaining to make the handle.
I let V do most of the base coloring.
I wont be terribly worried if Gucci or Armani reject our design because what I am happy about is that the colors and design were my almost three year old's choice!


MindfulMeanderer said...

Lovely :)

Mama - Mia said...

love it!

such a simple yet elegant idea!

you go V!

ambulisamma said...

Nice to see this,just hopped from Shruti's.
Will be a regular here.

shalini said...

Its lovely Hema.

Hema said...

Shruti- Thank you! I finally managed to participate.
Ambulisamma and Shalini-Thank you both for dropping by!

Lavanya Sriram said...

Hema : lovely idea and looking so good :) and V has done an excellent job :)

Santhiya said...

the color is what makes it more beautiful

Uma said...

One of the coolest bags I've seen! the colour combo looks designer...really!

Anonymous said...

This is sooo cute :)

Hema said...

Lavanya, Santhiya,Uma and HC: Thanks!