Saturday, May 22, 2010

The books we read...

One of my passions over the last two or three years, has been collecting books for V and hiding them deftly from H's view! Most of them are age-appropriate, others are sheer indulgence. I never really bothered to post about them because there were/are reviews and posts on those books in many blogs and they are done beautifully. Tulika's gesture, however served as a good wake up call and I thought it would be useful (to me!)  to share our experiences with those books. Since I could n't do that with Hanuman's Ramayan, as the story line was a little overwhelming for V , I'd begin this series of posts with two of his (our!) most favorite Tulika books.

What shall I make?

What shall I make?
V's favorite 'game' from when he was about one and a half, was to 'make' chapatis. We bought him a miniature wooden chapati rolling pin. He even went on to call the playing clay (Play-Doh) as 'chappati'.

So when I came across 'What shall I make', by Nandini Nayar, from Tulika, I bought it without even thinking.

In the book, Neeraj plays with the chapati dough his mother gives him, and the 'journey' of the dough before it becomes a chapati forms the rest of the story.

V loves the way the little boy makes various 'things' out of the dough. The fact that it ends becoming a normal chapati only added to his glee. So much so that even when he eats idli or dosa, he rolls the food and says, 'Amma, see snake...'

The illustrations by Proti Roy are simple and even a two year old will be able to recognize and identify the 'objects'.

Look the Moon (Atho Paar Nila-Tamil)


One of V's first story books in Tamil, Atho Paar Nila, (Look, The Moon by Sandhya Rao and effectively translated by Jeeva Raghunath. ) is  in simple verse and can easily impress a little child. When I first picked up the book, I looked at the pictures and was a little confused. When I read the text I realized the reasoning behind Trostsky Marudu's 'sketches'. It is just what a child, who has learnt to draw and use colors would relate to.

V loves the way the moon becomes bigger and did n't show any disappointment in its becoming smaller and disappearing, because he quickly understood that the Moon was going to reappear after the New Moon day. What an effect!

 (Pictures courtesy Tulika)


ambulisamma said...

I should buy that book 'what to make'? i guess.

Anisha Pucadyil said...

Yesterday, I bought clay and my room mates and me sat together making different things reflecting our personalities and reliving the chappati dough moments and read this blog today morn...

Delighted with the work Tulika is doing...Congrats....

Hema said...

AA- You should!
Anisha- Welcome here:)

Jayashree said...

We love What shall I make too. For quite a while after buying it, we used to make the cats and rats with chapati mavu.