Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I want to ramble on and on about the traffic and the roads but my drafts are always incomplete and there are already five of them. As if to put them all in a nutshell, the following incident...err...accident happened last week.

As always, the road we live in - used as a short-cut to avoid signals- was congested with vehicles coming from one main road trying to reach another. A motorbike was overtaking a car, another car overtaking the above two and finally another motorbike trying to overtake the said car. All from the same direction on a  20-feet wide road...

The last mentioned bike had an over zealous motorist who, at a maddening speed, rammed into a car which was 'on the opposite direction'. The two men on the bike were thrown on the road and had to be given first-aid and their bike was in a bad condition. Whatever it was they were hurrying for, was not reached on time.

By the way...Did I mention what the car (which was also involved in the accident) rather the driver was doing when it happened...?



The said car was parked in a far corner in the opposite direction.



Holy Moly. Hope the car is not yours

Jayashree said...

I always feel that the best way to drive in Chennai is defensively. Always think the other person is a horrible driver....what do i do keep myself safe...that's the only way to survive on our roads.

Hema said...

LR- No. Ours was safely parked inside the parking area in our building. Apparently, the husband does n't believe in taking the car out when there is heavy traffic, problem of parking in commercial traffic, lighter traffic but congested lanes we never get to take the car out :D
J: I do the same too. We survive, but with higher levels of BP.

Lavanya Sriram said...

I second Jayashree as well!
The roads, err, the drivers and the riders are getting worse day by day !