Friday, April 16, 2010

Tamizh Padam!

I finally watched 'Tamizh Padam' and am still smiling! Since it imitates and spoofs films, the audience for a change can relax, without worrying if they would like or not like the film.
Though this reminded me of the 'trailers' from college days with titles such as 'Mazhai peyala...Janala thiranthu veyunga', I guess anything else would have made it appear more 'serious'.

The master stroke (in my opinion that is, I am not making a film and do not want to offend anyone!) was the song 'Oh Mahaziya...'. A hero's introduction songs are beyond comprehension anyway, and it is easy to coin the lyrics. But a duet may upset the plans and let somebody else make fun of the film sometime later. So what does a clever director do...waste no money and time on lyrics. I never realized that there are so many super hit songs with incomprehensible 'words'.

Some sequences like the one in which the Hero 'grows up', the one song millionaire and the identity of the villain, were on predictable lines, having brought up on a healthy diet of 'variety entertainment' and 'Ad-zap' during college days.

The 'Mouna Ragam' scene, the 'family song', the 'twist' in 'Delhi' Ganesh's murder and a few other sequences were ..well... unexpected! I hope at least one film like this gets released every year so that a 'non-theater-visiting-species' like me can watch all the other films in a 'nut' shell!

To sum up, a single line review of Tamizh Padam, borrowed from the film itself:
"Too much...thaangalai..kadavuleee...mudiyala"!

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Jayashree said...

Oh...I love that song too.....makes me laugh every time I listen to it.
HAven't watched the movie yet though i want to.