Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Camp!

We finally decided upon that one place where we knew V would have a lot of fun plus activities to do. It was also decided that he would go for a week for the time being. V's amma was particularly happy because she could also accompany him. Sounds bizarre? Read on...

The 'place' had a well and a garden. V's activities included playing near the well watching birds and butterflies in the garden. For the first time he came face to face with a garden lizard (Onan) and he was delighted because though it was bigger than his friend the 'palli' (lizard), this Onan stayed put at one place and kept staring! Also, his 'friends' at the place, though older were always at his beck and call.

We also enjoyed additional 'benefits' such as free stay and food, what with me hogging me like never before because the 'camp' happened to be at V's maternal grandparents place! That also meant a never before (at least until recently) a 'laze-as-you-please' routine for both of us.

V just had too many things to do like playing the 'dholak' (which he had dutifully taken along) with his 'Kollu Paati' (Great grand mother), playing with water near the well, occasional 'washing of clothes', cooking with his paati's utensils, riding 'elephant' on his Thatha and generally getting all muddy and dirty.

What was the amma doing in the meantime? Apart from wasting time and watching TV and wasting more time, I managed to dig into my old stuff and found some story books from my Class One days, for V. The books definitely did n't look 25 years old so I brought them along when we came back! Needless to emphasize, V is waiting to go back to his Thatha's place again!

                                                     - - - - - - -

V was showing of his latest skills in logic and speech sometimes simultaneously.

His favorite phrase these days is "mooka aruthu kaakaiku potuduven" (Cutting one's nose and offering it to the crow- I don't know where he picked that from)
One day he came running in after having spotted an 'Onan'. He pulled out his 'play-doh' kit and took out a 'knife'
Me: Enna panna pora (What are you going to do?)
V: Onaanoda mooka aruthu kaakaiku poda poren
 It is another story that he kept screaming 'Onan vaa' a good five meters away from the lizard...

It was around nine in the night when V wanted to visit the backyard.
Me: No...there are cats around...
V: Naan vilayaaduven (I'll play with them)
Me: They'll bite you
V: Naan adipen (I'll beat them)
Me: The doctor will give injections...
V: Yaaruku? (for?)


One day we were sitting near the well and playing 'auto-auto' with V sitting on the washing stone...
V:  Amma...Naa kenathula kuthika poren... (I am going to jump into the well)
Me:  Mandaya odachupa (You will break your head)
V, sounding happy:  Appo Thalaiku kulika mudiyatha? (Then I can 't have a head bath?)



bame oru dinusa'thaan pesuvengalo!! :) lol

Jayashree said...

The last comment is so funny....only kids can think of such things!!!
Nice that you had a good time at your parents'


I wrote Kudumbame oru dinusa...
it became.. bame oru dinusa.. mm.. it looks like a classic case of teapot telling the kettle you are black :)

Mama - Mia said...

what fun!! :)

i am looking forward to our time with both sets of grand parents next month!!

and V's logic is getting better! hehe! loved the last one!!


Uma said...

Awarded - pls collect it...

Uma said...

award is here: http://drop-of-sun.blogspot.com/2010/04/some-books-and-award.html

Uma said...

Injection yaarukku? - LOL!
Last line - ROFL!

Hema said...

All: I had fun too:))
Abha: Have fun!
Uma: Thanks a bunch:)