Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kid Speak!

V for Vadivelu-2

It is around ten in the night and V complains of stomach pain. Knowing very well that it is because of the heat, I bring out a bottle of Castor oil and rub the oil on his tummy. The following conversation takes place...

V: Amma... ithu enna (What is this)
Me: Velakkennai (Castor Oil)
V: Vilakkuku ethara yennaia (is this oil used for lighting a lamp?)
Me: No.
V: Appo itha vechu vilakku etha mudiyatha? (Can't we light a lamp with this?)
Me: No. Athuku Nallennai use pannuvom (We use sesame oil for that)
V: Appo ithu nalla ennai illaya?
Me: Illapa...ithu nalla ennai thaan
V: Appo Vilaku ethalaama?
Me: Illa paaa...Ithu peru Velakennai. Athu peru Nalennai. Aana rendum Nalla ennai thaan (I explain which is for what and that both are good)
V: Appo thoppaila tadavarathum Nalennaiya?? (Here he means sesame oil)
Me (simply nods head and to self) : Aaahaaa...ippove kanna katudhe (A famous 'Vadivel' dialogue which can be loosely interpreted as 'I am already exhausted...but I know there's still more to come'.


Velakkenai: This is Tamil for Castor oil. When broken into two the word becomes 'Vilaku ennai' which could also mean oil used for lighting silver or brass lamps.

Nallennai: This is Tamil for Sesame/ Gingelly or Til oil. The word when broken into two becomes Nalla ennai which literally means 'good oil' in Tamil

Explanation -Video


Sorcerer said...

nice conversations..

thanks for such a pleasant read


Ore area'la irukkara bayathula kaekkaren. Unga adress'a konjam post pannunga.. theriyama andha pakkam vandhuraporen!
Bayamma irukkudhu... akhaan!

Hema said...

Sorcerer: Thanks!
LR- :)

anubharat said...

Lol. Priceless conversations !!

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Jayashree said...

LOL....reminds me of the senthil-koundamani vazhappazham joke :-)

Uma said...

LOL! Exhausting, sure!

Lavanya Sriram said...

Reminds me of a comedy scene with oil.. I think its Vadivel..
LOL :) and yes exhausting :)

Shankari said...

so cute :) I love the innocence in his questions!

Hema said...

Jayashree, Uma, Lavanya and Shankari-How do you guys manage??