Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kid Speak!

V, The Know-it-all

V and his Paati play a game regularly, according to which, when V comes back home he rings the bell and Paati has to come and open the door. Similarly when Paati or Thatha come back home, they have to ring the bell for V to open the door. Paati normally teases V by asking, as she opens the door, "Who is it..Oh you? I thought it was the milkman, courier etc."

One day Paati rings the bell...

V: Who is it? Oh you...I thought it was the flower vendor...

On another occasion...

Whenever V needs to be coaxed or cajoled into something -the case most of the time- I'd have to feed his morning milk with a spoon. When there is just a spoonful left I normally say 'adi vazhichu aanai kutti', a well known phrase in these parts to encourage a child to finish his/her food completely. On this particular day, I forget to say the phrase and somehow manage to collect a few more drops from the tumbler...

V : (pauses for a few seconds) Amma...Nee maranthutiya? (Did you forget?)

V for Vadivelu

Me: V...You want Idli or Corn flakes?
V: Eh??
Me: Idliya corn flakesa?
V: Enna? (what?)
Me: Enna venum?
V: Enna enna?
Me: ???

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Uma said...

Door opening scene - ditto with Pattu!
ROFL at the Vadivelu one !