Friday, March 19, 2010

Yet another Bru Ad...

...finds a mention here. It is just that they reflect everyday life really well.

Watch this

My parents-in-law came home last month and last week my MIL asked me,

"You should have added kotha malli (coriander leaves) to the Kootu..."
Me: (grinning) There's no kotha malli at home. In fact I've not been using kotha malli for about a fortnight now.
MIL (who considers kootu/rasam without kothamallli as bad as food without salt) :Oh...I was wondering how after all these years even I could not blend the kotha malli so well with the tomatoes. (We beat the tomatoes in the mixer for a better flavor)
H: (butting in) Hav n't you watched the Bru Ad?

The next day I go to the vegetable shop to buy coconut (every other vegetable including kothamalli is at home). No points for guessing what MIL asked when I came back!


Jayashree said...

I love the expressions of the MIL & DIL in that ad.

Shankari said...

hee hee! Lovely ad and lovely post :) My MIL is not so particular, but boy my mom is. I discovered his only when she stayed with us last year to take care of Rad. She would buy kothamalli and karuvepalli like we were never going to get it ever again :) I totally understand this post!

And at mom's we grind the tomatoes too :) I am too lazy to use the mixie just for grinding for rasam, so I put it cut into peices..