Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Typical Conversations!

We have some guests at home and all of us are watching some programme on TV featuring a famous Tamil film personality

Me: (Unable to keep my mouth shut) This person's son is in V's school. They live in XYZ nagar (Some place 3 kms away from where we live)
Guest: (Surprised) is it?
Me: You know V's friend P right, who lives a few buildings away?
Guest: Yes, yes yes, yes....
Me: It is not him. That boy and P are in the same batch...
Guest: Oh! (Turns her face even as I begin the second sentence)
Me: (Rushes into the kitchen, points forefinger at self in' Vadivelu style' and asks) Thevaiya...Ithu unaku Thevaiya? (Loosely translates as 'you deserve it'?!)