Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mosquito menace-2

The mosquito hunt has reached some interesting stages. What I thought was a joke is now laughing at me.

Our mosquito net is actually catching mosquitoes...well...almost! Every morning, we find mosquitoes (they numbered 45 in the beginning and now they are about 3 or 4 -Yes I actually count them every day) trapped dead 'above us'!

The reasons seem simple enough:

1. The net is of a very poor quality and the holes are large enough for a mosquito to try and go through.
2. The mosquitoes seem to be trying as mentioned in point 1, and get trapped.
3. The pressure exerted by the ceiling fan makes their position harder

I know I am trying to make it sound like rocket science, but the brutal excitement of seeing our tormentors dead deserves a post! Also never new a bad (purchase) decision will yield good results!


Malar Gandhi said...

Mosquitoes size these days are mind blowing, net is better than those chemical repellents.

Hema said...

Malar: You Bet! Thanks for stopping by:)