Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kid Speak!

About three months back, a conversation would have been something like this...

H: V...Don't go...Amma is angry
V: Amma...are you angry? present

V keeps following me everywhere and does n't let me do anything. I walk into the kitchen and hear H say,

H: V..Don't go in, Amma will get very angry. (His actual words were- Amma kadichiduva)
V: (Comes in anyway) Amma...Appa sonna nee kadichuduva...
V's favorite sentences these days are, "Go away", "I will not come" etc... which indicate that we have to give him a hug. Also, when he does that we, (H mostly!) say Ok...don't come only to see him rushing towards us.

One night, V jumped out of the bed and said...

"Naan vara maaten...naa poren" (I am going to go out...I am not coming)
H: (assuming that the usual tactic will work) Ok... go
V: (Starts crying) "Appa poga sollita" (asked me to go)

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