Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kid Speak - Good and Bad

V the Chamathu (Good)

V: Amma, okkaru (sit down)
Me: No pa, I have work...
V: Nee okkandhuko...Illana unnaku Kaal valikkum (You sit down, else your legs will pain)
Me: No problem
V: Naa sollarenla..Okkaru...Nee tireda irukkey (I am telling you...sit down, you are tired)
Me: :)))

V the Rakshas
The after effects of watching Mythological stories unfold

V: Amma, Naan Gathai vechundiruken...Naan Rakshasi (I am holding the Gathai...I am a Rakshasi - Note: not 'Rakshas'!)
Me: No you are not a Rakshas
V: Noooo Naan Rakshasi
Me: No pa. Rakshasas are bad. You are a good boy.
V: (pauses for a minute) Ammmaaa...Naanu Baddd


Jayashree said...

TV plays such an influencing role in their lives, doesn't it? Some days back, I was lying down and LG came and jumped and sat on top of me. It couldn't help yelling out in pain and then she happily tells me that she is Chota Bheem.

Lavanya Sriram said...

the first conversation happens exactly the same way between me and my daughter except the last line!

last line she asks separately "Amma nee yeppidi irukke ? tired a irukkiyaa? "

Hema said...

Jayashree: :)
Lavanaya: I think they work on telepathy!