Friday, March 26, 2010

I am tagged..I am tagged!

Well...this is the first time...Allow me to get excited! Jayashree has tagged me to write about seven things that people don't know about me.

Only me...No V! Here goes,

1. I love sports. I've tried my hand at volley ball and cricket. While the first worked, the second did n't. So I stuck to being a fanatic. When I say fanatic I don't mean watching T 20, 24 hours a day. I can watch the ongoing New Zealand-Australia Test series without 'batting' a eyelid.

2.I once attempted an exam for only 50 marks instead of the full 100 at College because I had to rush to the stadium to watch an India-Australia test match. Another time, when I had only one ticket I watched a match in the stadium, in the company of thousands of strangers.

(Before this reads like seven things you do not know about Me, the sports buff, I will change gears)

3. To an amused executive at a two-wheeler service station, I took my scooter (It does n't make it any fashionable if called bike!) for service on the 20th day of purchase because the manual said, "First service after 45 days from the day of purchase or on completion of 1000 kms, whichever is earlier). I had completed 1000 kms.

4. I wanted to become a journalist, a tennis star (not merely a player), a CBI officer, a pilot, a quiz show host and a rock star. Of the above I quit my aspiration of a pilot because I did n't want to study Maths and Physics and journalism because of...I really don't know why. Many of my school mates still think I write for a living!

5.The last thing I had wanted to do was to get married and cook. Now I don't remember the first thing that I wanted to do.

6. I can recall film dialogues and talk about past, present and future films. But I need to be dragged to a movie hall. On one occasion I convinced my friend to walk out half way through a film and on another slipped out of the ticket counter when it was my turn to buy a ticket! But still when I talk about films people will think I have all the 'stuff' to make a film like 'Tamil Padam'!

7. I am a walking and talking museum. Apart from my first prize winning book in the LKG, my report cards from LKG to Class XII,  my 'Guide' scarf, posters of sports persons taken away from issues of 'The Sports Star', scarp book of cricket world cups up to 1999, my school badge,  my old cupboard also boasts of an old purse that still contains my students season pass from school days.

To the five or six people (who know me personally-friends, cousins and sister) who know that I blog and are reading this...I am still like that wonly!

What say Home Cooked, and ssstoryteller?


Elizabeth said...

Ha ha ha...

This was very nice...I was really suprised abt the bike servicing on the 20th day :P

Yea,you can write for a living :) Keep writing

Jayashree said...

nice post. LOL at point 2 and ditto on point 5.

Anil P said...

Point 7 was very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nice read. Guess your love of writing restricts itself to blog posts and comments, but not reply mails :o)

Keep up the tempo!--Vandana

Lavanya Sriram said...

1. Just like my mom :) She too can watch the NZ vs Aus test without batting an eye lid :)
2. wow !!!
5. If I may ask, do u work now ?

Hema said...

Elizabeth, Anil, Vandana and Jayashree :)
Lavanya- No I don't

Anonymous said...

u forgot to mention about your 'mogamudi' photo which appeared in a Tamil daily and also ur ambition as a film critic (I think so :)