Friday, March 12, 2010

Children's clothes

Clothes make a man. Good clothes make a child. When I say good, I mean comfortable because that is what a young child needs. Though many are choosy about colors and designs at a very early age it is we parents who make the final decisions. For V's clothes, from his birth (even before that actually) we have been scouring the city for shops that sell good quality clothes.

Our latest picks are from S & M Kids wear. They have recently opened a store in Chennai at City center. But we bought V's at Madurai. I must say that the quality is very good. It is soft on the skin and easily washable. And what more. There are some 'interesting' designs for boys! I am not writing about girls clothes, which were as ever! The size (mentioned in the tag) is a little smaller than what is normal.

This brings me to the question -'Do brands really matter'? Except for trousers we hav n't gone beyond the 'lesser known' brands for V's clothes. We are very particular about the tags on V's shirts and Tee-shirts because he has a sensitive skin. He has developed rashes on the neck on some occasions and cutting the tags make things worse. Most big brands have tags in at least two different places.

However, there are brands that have their labels 'printed' on the inside instead of a tag being attached. And I am not talking about the clothes sent by my cousin from the US of A. All of us are aware of the 'interesting' fact that most clothes we receive from abroad are those that were made here. And most of them ARE available here. One need n't rush to big malls for this. They may be available in some obscure corner in your neighborhood.

I am talking about the 'export-surplus' (NOT rejected-you 'll know the difference when you see one) shops. We have been doing our purchase for V's everyday wear (and ours!) from two such shops for more than a year. There may not be great variety, but the quality is good. And...some of them have their labels printed.

A few things to note before one makes a purchase are:
1) The size- The 'Indian' size (or Asian?) is smaller than than those that are exported.
2) The Stitching
3) A general inspection of the dress
Now is n't that what we always do???

The quality for newborns are excellent and in lovely shades. Apart from clothes for children and adults some of these have stocks of curtains, bedsheets and table cloths. You will find the same stuff at bigger stores but be ready to faint when you find the price difference. (When I say same, I even mean identical, as it happened to us once!)

One quick thing. The shops I talk about are on the main road and are fully air conditioned and the clothes are neatly displayed, if your are thinking of sheds that once used to (may be still housing) house export-rejected stuff.

I could have been straight forward on this. But I am meandering because of a few bad experiences with people who looked at me in horror when I told them about these shops. I want my child to be comfortable and well dressed. And he is growing every month. So, I have to settle for something good yet reasonably priced. However, I am also writing this because of the few people who did lend me a ear and went about shopping at these places and thanked me for the information, continue to shop and continue to thank me :D

In my opinion when it comes to quality, brand names do not matter.

This post has been in draft for long. I was in doubt for a long time whether to come out with this or not, simply because people react differently and some may even get offended. But this post by Uma made me take a call on this.


Jayashree said...

I agree with you 100%. At this age, it makes no sense for us to spend a lot of money on clothes that they'll outgrow in a few months. I buy LG's clothes based on how comfortable she will be in them.....almost all of them are cotton 'coz of the weather here. I shop regularly at an export surplus shop, too....i have managed to get some really good "branded" clothes at reasonable prices both for myself and the LG at this shop. The quality is good, the clothes last long and the price is easy on the pocket.

Lavanya Sriram said...

Thank for dropping by Jillu's blog :)

Very true. I would like to know those shops from where you buy ! Would you mind sharing ?

And as far as meandering, why should you ? This is your blog and I think you can write what you feel and think. As long as it does not hurt others.

Hema said...

Jayashree: I am glad that you too shop at an export surplus store:)) I even recommend such shops to NRIs who come down!

Lavanya: Thanks to you too for dropping by:)

It is just that I have had some bad reactions from people on this. Hence I had to go on the defensive:(

The shops I frequent are in Sastri nagar and Besant Nagar. Both are on the road towards Besant Nagar church.
Roovy: This is opposite Karaikudi restaurant

Fashion World: This is near Konica World

I must tell you that they have some lovely stuff for girls...Sigh..again:)

Uma said...

Agree - for me comfort precedes style, brands and other such things when it comes to kids' clothes. I do pick up quite a lot of soft cotton wear from outlets such as Half Ticket, London Stores etc


Hey Hema, a few more to the list. I forget the name, there is a shop upstairs univercell in Besant nagar. Check it out.
Diagonally opp Konica lab? do you mean the one in the same bldg that houses Nalayani library?
There is another one adjacent to Maharaja Stores at Besant nagar.
sorry, I'm bad at remembering clothing store names.

Hema said...

Uma: Ditto:)
LR: I don't know about the library. But the building used to house a Subiksha store


Ok gotcha. Upstairs of Nataraja Medicals.I live in the neighborhood only.

i was referring to a tiny shop on the Shastri Nagar 1st main road entrance Opposite San's kitchen.

mrunal said...


Agree with u 100%.
Previous year i have Two marriges in my family one at my side & one at my hubby's side so I decide to go for a branded Clothes for the very first time for my ltl one
& I picked a very good brand for my son (Generally I dont go by Brand name) & guess waht happend I brought 2 pair for him, One shrink so i could not use it again & second got d'shape so i could not use it again.

and I have to purchase other pair for him for second marrige in the same season within 20 days.

So every time brand dont work.
What I always check is material should be pure cotton and very soft.

Mama - Mia said...

i dont care a damn about brands! esp for kids! as long as the clothes are of good quality and comfy for the kid who cares!

you are talking about export surplus? Cubby spent his first entire year in hand me down clothes from cousins! :) he still gets them often. they are in such good condition that i really dont mind. tees if they look older i make him wear em at home. jeans and all are as good as new! then why should i waste my money?! :)

poeple make faces at that also. but i dont give a damn really!



Hema said...

Mama-Mia: Yayyy...I am not alone in my planet:)))