Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can I have some water please?

I hate to visit restaurants where I have to ask the above question. So I don't visit them. I also hate the fact that we have to 'buy' water, but there is no choice.

I got the shock of my life when my batch-mates from another metropolitan city who visited my house in Chennai exclaimed to their friends, "She 's got a well at her place'. Many years later, a young cousin was surprised at the 'well' and insisted on being taught how to draw water from it!

No jokes this. We live in a flat and V hates being pulled off from my parents place where there is a lot of space, a garden and of course the well! I dread the day when our children's children or grandchildren have to 'learn' about water. I may sound like a page out of a sci-fi book, but at least we are, metaphorically speaking, heading right there. My kid is still too young to understand the concept of 'conservation'. So, right now we tell him how 'good' trees are for us and how if he wastes water in the bathroom, he may have to go dirty for the rest of the day. Hard fact...but he seems to understand!

We are bearing the bitter fruits of the mistakes made by the previous generation - like having to buy water. But we don 't seem to have learnt our lessons. If we are too lazy and pre-occupied with our selves, the least one can do is to teach one's children about the goodness of nature.

This is my 'drop', Tulika!

I'll end this with a leaf out of the book..err..presentation !

"Ayasha looked at the sun again and thought, there is more mercy in your golden flame than in the hearts of people."


Jayashree said...

My daughter had no idea what a well is, until I got her a "choppu-saman" set which had a well in it....and even then the concept of drawing water from a well is something she couldn't grasp. I finally had to show her a well at a temple here for her to understand what it is.

Mama - Mia said...

i am nit surprised that city folks dont know about a well. why would they. when i went for an outing few years ago, most of office colleagues in Bombay didnt know how to swing! i was zapped!

and yes water conservation is SO important! its a good thing we are starting young with our kids!



Anonymous said...

Don't point fingers at previous generation, lady, you are already "previous generation" to a bunch of bubbly kids growing up fast!

From wells and trees and greenery to plastic bags and bottled mineral water to "go green", "conserve" initiatives, life is always all about evolution, and "devolution". As they say, what goes round comes round.

National Geographic ran an " Armageddon week", showing all about how 2012 could be possible not just due to a supreme power or natural calamity, but even just due to our misuse of nature. My son is so so so so very sensitive to issues of conservation ever since!!! :o) Guess fear does finally bring in discipline :o) -- Vandana

Anu said...

wells were a novelty for me too when i visited chennai as a kid.. today, my uncle's house no longer has a well.. since it dried up :( to the great disappointment of my son, who was looking forward to it.....

Hema said...

Jayashree and Abha: It is so difficult is n't it?

Vandana: Bang on! To every upcoming generation, 'a' previous generation has made a mistake:)By saying that we have n't learnt anything from them, I mean that we are making the biggest mistake. Also, discipline brought about by fear lasts only during childhood I guess:)

Anu: Very true. Thanks for dropping by BTW:)

Lavanya Sriram said...

So very true. I think like Jayashree said, I have to buy choppu to my girl to make her understand what a well is! It is so rare these days !!

Anonymous said...

Well ( well again!!), if the childhood fear leads to saving water for only 16 yrs, it is still good!. Something better than nothing and all that :o). And I am sure it would lead to them probably learning and inventing more to save water in their adulthood.

It might seem a totally derogatory word, but Fear, I say, is the father of invention if necessity happens to be the mother! - Vandana

Anonymous said...

On a totally different note, but still about water - Have you read Dr.Emoto? His talks and books on water are quite different. Happened to read "Messages from water" and it sure was a different take on water...

But sometimes I feel that life, conservation or not, continues. Life finds a way. A bunch of homosapiens can do nothing to stop evolution. But they can do something to think about all children dying without it. Be responsible. Respect water, nature and be an example for our kids, because all they do is just copy us! -- Vandana

Jayashree said...

I've tagged you!!!