Friday, February 19, 2010

Some people are like this only!

At a vegetable shop...

A middle aged man (MAM) is in the process of selecting peas, when he sees the price and asks the shop attendant (SA),

MAM: Excuse me, have the prices come down?
SA: Yes sir.
MAM: Will it go down,,,again?
SA: Don't know may
MAM: If it does, how much will it go down by?
SA: Can't say sir, May be by another 2 rupees

(Mean while another SA joins the conversation)

SA 2: It may come down to Rs.24 sir..
SA1: (Whispering) is already at Rs.24
SA2: err..ok...probably by another two rupees...
MAM: Will it come to Rs. 15?
SA 1 and 2: Can't say sir...
MAM: Tell me properly... I can then buy 2 Kgs..

The SAs quietly slip out and tell the supervisor who then fields the same questions and gives the same answers. Don't know what happened netx because it was my turn to slip out of the store!

At a Supermarket 

An old gentleman (OG) talks to the shop assistant (SA)
OG: Where is XYZ  brand of mosquito repellent?
SA: Not available sir...
OG: Why?
SA: (Looks perplexed) No stock sir..
OG: Athaan..why?
SA: Stock over sir (continues to do her work)

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Jayashree said...

Welcome to Indian customer service :-)