Thursday, February 18, 2010

Of mosquito menace and getting back to the basics...

I don't know if the Chennai corporation's initiative of getting rid of mosquitoes is helping its people or not,  but it seems to have sent all the mosquitoes back into the houses. For the last two or three months, we are living in a cocoon of creams and repellents and mosquito nets. The last mentioned is the savior really. V's skin problems continue to haunt him and us and he looks like a fencing champion minus the helmet and the sword (?), every night. After trying out mosquito repellent creams and vaporizers we decided to settle for the net. Even if the mosquitoes mange to enter our netted 'fort', we have the bat (yet another weapon) to fight with.

Sometime in December, when we had had enough and failed to procure the 'conventional net, we found this . It is a portable mosquito net and can be folded. It appears like a larger version of the umbrella-like baby net. The problem is getting and getting out, thus increasing the chance of mosquitoes coming in. But have the bat! It is best suited for those who sleep on the floor or those who have cots which are only a few inches above the ground. Even otherwise we find it useful. The prices vary with the size and the net for a double cot cost us Rs.1800.

The regular nets are available at Ratna stores and garment shops, but are of poor quality. Good ones (with 'falls' for the net) are available at Naidu Hall family store, T.Nagar (not at Naihaa).

Unfortunately, V wants to stay in the 'cage' all day and insists on wielding the bat himself!

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