Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Growing up!

We are used to receiving no response. But this was different...

Me: V, do you want this?
V: (No always, me thinks)
Me: you want THIS?
V: (Pointing to his ear) What are you saying? I am not able to hear you

Scene from (outside) his school

One of V's friends from school, N wears her 'sunglasses' everyday to school and first checks her mother's hand before she decides to leave for home after school. My brat and many others make it a point to wear theirs too everyday. This is also a useful trump card sometimes. On this particular day, when V did n't 'feel' like going to school, I had to talk about how N would be wearing her glasses. And so he was all set with his cap and glasses and was dissapointed at not being able to show it off to N. I told him he can do so after school. The school does n't allow all such stuff inside their premises...Wise people!

I picked him up after school and some of us parents were having the usual chat with the kids trying to have a conversation of thier own, when the following happened:

V to N: (At the top of his voice) Hey N, See..I am wearing glasses...
N: Why are you shouting? (Her exact words were: Yaenda katharra?)

V, flushed with anger, threw his cap and glasses down and refused to say 'Bye' to her, and the little girl actually tried to persuade him to do so. I tried to look embarrassed...that was all one I could do!

The Outcome: I hate to admit this. My little one is becoming a boy:(


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Haha. I am a huge fan of Bill Cosby's "Kids say the Darndest things". And do the darndest things as well, when we least expect it :o). Was teaching kids about recycle/reuse process and my elder son asked me "Does God recycle people after they die?"!!!!