Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Growing Old..Really?

This post was in draft for a long time. Originally intended to be a "Realizing that you are thirty/growing old etc" post, it lost steam both due to mundane ideas and to the fact that a tag on the same is doing the rounds in blogosphere. It is always fun to read what others write!

This post has come back to life because of the following incident...

A young couple (When I say young I mean this: The oldest of the visiting couple, i.e the husband is younger than  the youngest of the hosting couple, which is me!) came over to invite us for a function. The procedure was complete with the wife extending a kumkum choppu and the husband holding a tray with flowers, fruits and the invitation card. And we received the shock of our lives when the couple fell at our feet for blessings! We have had little children fall at our feet a few times but this was too much to handle.

And it was embarrassing...Not because someone's actions indicated our age, but because of the fact that there are people who still care about such things. We did n't even know what to say, when they performed the Namaskara. H saved the day by mumbling something on progeny and long life.

It is a debatable issue this. But what struck me was, their sincerity and our lack of it. Though we justify our actions (or the non-actions) by saying 'if you don't put your heart and soul into something don't do it'there is no harm done in following simple procedures and rituals our elders established. I don't want to get philosophical, but it will do a lot of good to follow a path that would bring mutual happiness.

We will be attending the function...That is the least one could do to reciprocate...

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