Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girl Power!

We had been to a friend's place recently. This friend has two daughters - S who is about eight years old and N who is as old as V. N and V were playing with a box of marbles each. Suddenly N realized that V was playing with her box and demanded that it be returned. Her mother tried persuading her to let him  play with it, but the little one would n't listen.

She asked S to bring another box or container for V. S brought a small pink cup, which her mother thought was too small to be played with. S, undeterred, removed the marbles from the box with which V was playing, deposited them into another box. She then stood in front of V and N and asked, "Now, who wants this pink cup?". N grabbed the cup from her sister and V was left in peace and he continued to play with the first mentioned box.

As I looked at my beaming friend, she said, "Now you know how I get some free time..."

P.S: I gave the above title only because I wanted to use the phrase. Otherwise it should read, "First Daughters Rock!". I am sure all 'first daughters' will agree!

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Anonymous said...

Good move. Kudos to S. I have always wondered how my life would have been had I got a elder sister instead of a brother.