Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two good films and a few mistakes...

It has been five years since I watched a film in a theater. I need to be dragged to a theater to watch a film and since H is also of the same type, we slouch at home and watch DVDs.

Anyway, the point is that, after a long time I managed to watch a few Tamil films on TV during the Pongal weekend and the Tamil channels sure had audience in me. I will not explain how I did it. Holidays remember???

(A hurried disclaimer: I can't say whether making the movies was a mistake, but my watching them surely was. Also these are not reviews...only my reactions!)

Mistake No 1: I knew the story of the Vijay hit 'Pokkiri' right from the time it was released, but still had the crazy urge to watch it as I expected a sure shot entertainer. It was a typical yet interesting 'masala' and I was able to watch it only because, the TV medium gave the much needed breaks in between and since I knew the ending, did n't bother to watch the climax!

Mistake No 2: This was a grave mistake. I don't know why, but I watched Simbu's 'Vallavan'. It was sheer curiosity and by the time the film ended (with a frightening 'to be continued' tag) I had a headache. I will not discuss the film any further. By the way, I skipped all the songs, still the headache would n't go because of....

Mistake No 3: Many may not agree with me but watching  'Sillunu oru Kadhal' did not help me recover from the illness 'Vallavan' had bestowed. Two reasons why I wanted to watch the film were the first two songs and I missed both of them. I like Suriya. But that stands true only for movies before 'Maayavi' (Suriya and Jyotika). After that I stopped wasting money and time on his films. It was the 'jodi's' last attempt together at films and it was the only interest. No more comments on this.

Mistake No 4: Somewhere in between, I managed to catch glimpses of another Vijay film - 'Madurai'. Oh Dear God...Did you have to punish me for my previous life's mistakes by making me watch all these?

The Good ones

I made amends and my headache vanished as I began to watch 'Jayam' Ravi and Genelia's 'Santosh Subramaniam'. It was a delight to watch and definitely a 'good' film.

And that was that...I did n't watch 'Aaru'  or anything else that followed.

I have to mention one other film I liked. 'Bommalattam', Barathiraja's latest suspense-flick was telecast the previous week. I had wanted to watch the film, because of the suspense element. I began reading the reviews which had a lot of good things to say about the film and by the time I had finished reading, the movie had gone off the theaters. So I was glad to watch it on TV and also happy that I had missed the first half an hour, which had Arjun dancing with his heroine. I was blown by the ending, something which I could n't guess even after the climax began. It probably did n't reach everyone because in presentation and narration it was similar to 'Kangalal Kaidhu sei'. In recent times this is the only film I may want to watch again. About the Kamal says 'Don't pull wordsu out of my mouthu'!


Anonymous said...

For a minute I thought I was reading a post from last year, or maybe even the year before! Such is your list! But I'm glad you didn't have to endure "Alvin & the Chipmunks - Squeaquel" on big screen amidst sqeaks and squeals and pop-corn bag fights!Lucky you!Unlucky me :o(

Hema said...

I was planning to write something on 'Thillana Moganambal":)))) I just can't pull myself to a theater!