Friday, January 29, 2010

The new age Mile sur mera tumhara...

As a kid, I used to boast that I could sing atleast a line in at least 10 Indian languages... I got a prize in a Quiz competition when I identified Mario Miranda... At school we had great lunch breaks singing our favorite song...I started recognizing Pandit Bhimsen Joshi's songs wherever they were played... I jumped in glee to find my favorite sports persons and cine stars on TV, all at the same time..

All of the above were possible because of Mile sur mera tumhara

I wonder what my child will learn from the Bollywood / glamor dominated Phir Mile sur!!

I shuddered at the 'replacements'. Where are all the other languages? The presence of a 'Padukone' and the 'Big B'  (though he has moved from the end of the video to the beginning)are ironical similarities.

If someone wanted to shoot a new generation National Integration video, they should have made a completely new one and not a slipshod of the original. AR Rahman, if you remember shot to national fame because of his 'nationally integrating' compositions!

I was particularly left aghast at the portrayal of 'Tamil Nadu'. The 'original' had AV Ramanan and Prathap Pothan! Where are the other new age stars? Don't tell me this is a representation of present day India...If Big B and family can find a place what made them leave out Sachin Tendulkar?

I think this is one of the best reactions that I've read. So... I'll stop mine!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Missing are our real heroes, and even more original folks who are our backbone - "The common man". Original version also had B'wood representation, but a good share of unassuming, toiling, smiling, ordinary people. And that made it special. Close to our heart.

But BTW, this was how our sweet mums felt like when we hummed "konjam Nilavu" or "vellrikaa pinju vellarikka" etc, donned Salwars and not not sarees, and worser still, Jeans and Tees!!! Why bother abt Deepika in a short dress, I guess that is the trend of the current generation anyways! Saree is something that even our generation has shunned off!

P.S: They call it Senility. ;o)

Hema said...

Hey...What is this about clothes...Guess you got mixed up with all those posts on the 'dress' issue!

This is not about the changing trend, but about the unnecessary re-mix. Somewhere the producers of the Phir mera song/video got confused and made a very poor 're-presentation' of the old one. The point the original version was trying to make was very clear while the new one's was not:)

Anonymous said...

Girl, if you read my comment, you'd see I also tried talking about the same "point". MSMT1 was unity in diversity w.r.t 1980s. (Phir)MSMT2 "tries" the same w.r.t 2000s.

And the dress thing came up coz u linked to another "review" in your post which talked about it!!

"Old is gold", say the old. And hence the joking reference to senility ;o)

Haha. Been almost 16 years since I wrote an E.R.C (explain with reference to context):o):o)