Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Pongal!

This time the 'Pongal' festival coincides with a long weekend (or is it the other way round??)

As always the Tamil channels are vying for viewer-ship with 'all tholai kaatchi galil muthal muraiyaga' films and interviews with actresses who try hard to say, "Unga ellarukum I want to wish you a happy pongal" and other nonsense! 

While most Tamil channels are doing the above (except 'Makkal' TV) Star Vijay takes a step forward (or backward??) and will be telecasting "Titanic", albeit in Tamil. 

But seriously...Titanic... for Pongal?!


Jayashree said...

I find the transformation of the singular "You" in English being dubbed into neenga in Tamil in conversations b/w a wife and a husband.

Hema said...

I changes the context of the scene sometimes...