Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Book (Af) fair!

Without any doubt, Chennai's most awaited Fair! The 33rd edition has been advanced and will close on January 10. We went on New Year's day, at around 2:00PM and it looked like half of Chennai was there. But as one entered the arena, it did n't appear as crowded as it really was, thanks to the venue, St. George Anglo Indian Hr. Secondary School (Opp. to Paachayappan College) where the Fair has been held, the last few years! It took us three hours ( we managed to leave out the kid, otherwise we would have spent only three minutes), but could n't cover the last two rows (columns?!). Planning to go once again.

Now for the Books...

As far as children's books were concerned, thanks to repeated visits to Saffron Tree and publishers' links, I had a certain idea about the books one could buy. The stall I was looking out in particular was the CBT (Children's Book Trust), especially the book, "The Milkman's Cow".  There were many other delightful stories, there. At the 'Tulika' stall, I wanted to grab as many books as possible but better sense prevailed and we stuck to books with varied themes and pictures. The 'National Book Trust' stalls also had interesting books. Here and at CBT, the books have good content and are very reasonably priced. 'Eureka Books' were displayed here and there was a good collection of stories.

There was this particular stall I wanted to avoid because all it had were old books (thanks to a bad experience last year), but H coaxed me and of all things I spotted 'Tiki, Tiki Tembo', a humorous story mentioned by Uma,  here. Though old, many books are worth laying hands on and they are priced from Rs. 30 depending on the size. One drawback was that they are not arranged all! Worth a visit anyway. The 'Navaneet' stall also had books with interesting stories. They have a series of original stories. But the 'School text book' like appearance may be a dampener. Many books were bilingual and it was a heartwarming sight! As always, there were many Tamil publications, which are not easily accessible otherwise.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be visiting again, as I did n't get any book for myself:( Not even the 'Sujatha' regular Will try to update on that too. As for the books, posts will follow as and when V shows interest! 
The link to  BAPASI is which has the stall list, without the stall numbers though!

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