Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A year ago...

...when I badly needed a break from the routine, when I very badly wanted to do something which I liked, and very very badly wanted to do something for me and me only, I logged into Blogger, 'for the heck's sake'. First I blinked, created a profile, a url, a title and a post. Then changed the url and then the title. Then the title and the url and finally arrived at what it is now.

Though I thought I was doing something for myself, I ended up being a mommy blogger writing about my son! Not to be bogged down by motherhood, I started another blog, only for penning or typing down my thoughts, but just as how the child occupies most of a parent's life this blog bullied and suppressed the other. I am not one to relent... so from now on I am will be writing more general stuff...like schools, kids books, parks, children entertainment etc. Did I say something about relenting???

Technically it is a year since I 'created' this blog, though for the first six months I wrote only two posts, and began 'actively' blogging only since June. So it is a 'Happy half year to this blog' and 'Thank You' to everyone who is taking the pains to read this pain..err..parent! I will continue to disperse sense and nonsense and this is my resolution for the coming year!

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