Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naanum Kutcheriku ponen!

Last weekend we decided to exploit V's love for music, especially percussion and wind instruments ( and also our desire to visit a 'December season Kutcheri'!). With rain dashing any hope of attending a Kadri Gopalnath concert during the week, 'Ghatam' Kartik's ensemble was the only instrumental concert during the weekend. So, keeping our fingers crossed we awaited Saturday evening. The Rain God was merciful and we went to the auditorium and explained to the kid that we were going to watch dum-dum, dham taka dum, tiki tiki tuk vailin and keeeboth (Drums, Mirudangam, Ghatam, Violin and Keyboard in that order). The hall was one-third full (positive thinking??) and we again kept our fingers crossed, wondering how long the little one stay put.

The concert was good, with the kid Satyanarayana excelling on his Synthesizer (A technical name for the Key Board I hear but I will stick to KB for the rest of this post!). He is only 14 and played his part exceedingly well to support the rest who were twice (or more) his age. I am handicapped, when it comes to the techniques of classical music, so I will only give a general description!

V gleefully watched his favorite instruments at play.

The only disappointment was there was hardly any 'Ghatam' at play and Kartik dispalyed his konnakol, singing and talking skills that day.

V took a small break to have his dinner.

The 'Ragam-thallam-pallavi' was excellent, and it was very different to listen to Mirudangam-Violin, KB; Ghatam-Violin, KB; Kanjira-Violin, kb and Drums (actually a rhythm pad!)- violin, KB combinations.

V started fidgeting...

The concert started on time. The sore point (as experienced every year by the 'sabhas') was the near empty hall (negative thinking?). It was actually a little embarrassing because when not playing the instruments, the artists chose to look at the audience, and one could n't bat an eyelid without risking their attention.

We left the hall smiling....V had been quiet for about two and a half hours!

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thats so awesome!!

way to go V! :)