Thursday, December 17, 2009

Displaying Creativity!

Last weekend, V's school hosted a project day. Everything displayed had some contribution by children. Though the school claimed that everything except the setting up was done by children, the teachers' (or aunties in this case) efforts were evident in every display. The whole setting up, for the project day was done in half a day. Since it was the first such thing for us, we were amazed. The theme for V's group was 'Parts of the Body' and tiny hands and feet imprints made reindeer and lotuses come alive. I am too lazy now to display some of the photos...but will ...soon!

While leaving, H said to the coordinator, "Hope the creativity does n't stop here..", to which the good lady replied, " Take it from me...It won't".

Later while walking back home, I said, "The creativity you were talking about will not be gone...How else can you explain the efforts of the people who thought about it and set it all up?", to which the one who always has the last word (sigh!) said, "They probably drew inspiration from the children"...

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